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* Profiling infrastructure declarations.
* This file is based on gcc-internal definitions. Data structures are
* defined to be compatible with gcc counterparts. For a better
* understanding, refer to gcc source: gcc/gcov-io.h.
* Copyright IBM Corp. 2009
* Author(s): Peter Oberparleiter <>
* Uses gcc-internal data definitions.
#ifndef GCOV_H
#define GCOV_H GCOV_H
#include <linux/types.h>
* Profiling data types used for gcc 3.4 and above - these are defined by
* gcc and need to be kept as close to the original definition as possible to
* remain compatible.
#define GCOV_DATA_MAGIC ((unsigned int) 0x67636461)
#define GCOV_TAG_FUNCTION ((unsigned int) 0x01000000)
#define GCOV_TAG_COUNTER_BASE ((unsigned int) 0x01a10000)
#define GCOV_TAG_FOR_COUNTER(count) \
(GCOV_TAG_COUNTER_BASE + ((unsigned int) (count) << 17))
#if BITS_PER_LONG >= 64
typedef long gcov_type;
typedef long long gcov_type;
* struct gcov_fn_info - profiling meta data per function
* @ident: object file-unique function identifier
* @checksum: function checksum
* @n_ctrs: number of values per counter type belonging to this function
* This data is generated by gcc during compilation and doesn't change
* at run-time.
struct gcov_fn_info {
unsigned int ident;
unsigned int checksum;
unsigned int n_ctrs[0];
* struct gcov_ctr_info - profiling data per counter type
* @num: number of counter values for this type
* @values: array of counter values for this type
* @merge: merge function for counter values of this type (unused)
* This data is generated by gcc during compilation and doesn't change
* at run-time with the exception of the values array.
struct gcov_ctr_info {
unsigned int num;
gcov_type *values;
void (*merge)(gcov_type *, unsigned int);
* struct gcov_info - profiling data per object file
* @version: gcov version magic indicating the gcc version used for compilation
* @next: list head for a singly-linked list
* @stamp: time stamp
* @filename: name of the associated gcov data file
* @n_functions: number of instrumented functions
* @functions: function data
* @ctr_mask: mask specifying which counter types are active
* @counts: counter data per counter type
* This data is generated by gcc during compilation and doesn't change
* at run-time with the exception of the next pointer.
struct gcov_info {
unsigned int version;
struct gcov_info *next;
unsigned int stamp;
const char *filename;
unsigned int n_functions;
const struct gcov_fn_info *functions;
unsigned int ctr_mask;
struct gcov_ctr_info counts[0];
/* Base interface. */
enum gcov_action {
void gcov_event(enum gcov_action action, struct gcov_info *info);
void gcov_enable_events(void);
/* Iterator control. */
struct seq_file;
struct gcov_iterator;
struct gcov_iterator *gcov_iter_new(struct gcov_info *info);
void gcov_iter_free(struct gcov_iterator *iter);
void gcov_iter_start(struct gcov_iterator *iter);
int gcov_iter_next(struct gcov_iterator *iter);
int gcov_iter_write(struct gcov_iterator *iter, struct seq_file *seq);
struct gcov_info *gcov_iter_get_info(struct gcov_iterator *iter);
/* gcov_info control. */
void gcov_info_reset(struct gcov_info *info);
int gcov_info_is_compatible(struct gcov_info *info1, struct gcov_info *info2);
void gcov_info_add(struct gcov_info *dest, struct gcov_info *source);
struct gcov_info *gcov_info_dup(struct gcov_info *info);
void gcov_info_free(struct gcov_info *info);
struct gcov_link {
enum {
} dir;
const char *ext;
extern const struct gcov_link gcov_link[];
#endif /* GCOV_H */