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* Copyright (C) 2002 2007 Jeff Dike (jdike@{addtoit,}.com)
* Licensed under the GPL
#ifndef __UM_VECTOR_USER_H
#define __UM_VECTOR_USER_H
#define MAXVARGS 20
#define TOKEN_IFNAME "ifname"
#define TRANS_RAW "raw"
#define TRANS_RAW_LEN strlen(TRANS_RAW)
#define TRANS_TAP "tap"
#define TRANS_TAP_LEN strlen(TRANS_TAP)
#define TRANS_GRE "gre"
#define TRANS_GRE_LEN strlen(TRANS_RAW)
#define TRANS_L2TPV3 "l2tpv3"
#define TRANS_L2TPV3_LEN strlen(TRANS_L2TPV3)
#define IPPROTO_GRE 0x2F
#define GRE_MODE_CHECKSUM cpu_to_be16(8 << 12) /* checksum */
#define GRE_MODE_RESERVED cpu_to_be16(4 << 12) /* unused */
#define GRE_MODE_KEY cpu_to_be16(2 << 12) /* KEY present */
#define GRE_MODE_SEQUENCE cpu_to_be16(1 << 12) /* sequence */
#define GRE_IRB cpu_to_be16(0x6558)
#define L2TPV3_DATA_PACKET 0x30000
/* IANA-assigned IP protocol ID for L2TPv3 */
#ifndef IPPROTO_L2TP
#define IPPROTO_L2TP 0x73
struct arglist {
int numargs;
char *tokens[MAXVARGS];
char *values[MAXVARGS];
/* Separating read and write FDs allows us to have different
* rx and tx method. Example - read tap via raw socket using
* recvmmsg, write using legacy tap write calls
struct vector_fds {
int rx_fd;
int tx_fd;
void *remote_addr;
int remote_addr_size;
#define VECTOR_READ 1
#define VECTOR_WRITE (1 < 1)
#define VECTOR_HEADERS (1 < 2)
extern struct arglist *uml_parse_vector_ifspec(char *arg);
extern struct vector_fds *uml_vector_user_open(
int unit,
struct arglist *parsed
extern char *uml_vector_fetch_arg(
struct arglist *ifspec,
char *token
extern int uml_vector_recvmsg(int fd, void *hdr, int flags);
extern int uml_vector_sendmsg(int fd, void *hdr, int flags);
extern int uml_vector_writev(int fd, void *hdr, int iovcount);
extern int uml_vector_sendmmsg(
int fd, void *msgvec,
unsigned int vlen,
unsigned int flags
extern int uml_vector_recvmmsg(
int fd,
void *msgvec,
unsigned int vlen,
unsigned int flags
extern void *uml_vector_default_bpf(int fd, void *mac);
extern int uml_vector_attach_bpf(int fd, void *bpf, int bpf_len);
extern bool uml_raw_enable_qdisc_bypass(int fd);
extern bool uml_raw_enable_vnet_headers(int fd);
extern bool uml_tap_enable_vnet_headers(int fd);