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* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
* for more details.
* Copyright (C) 2004 by Ralf Baechle
* The cpustart method is a PMC-Sierra's function to start the secondary CPU.
* Stock PMON 2000 has the smpfork, semlock and semunlock methods instead.
#ifndef _ASM_PMON_H
#define _ASM_PMON_H
struct callvectors {
int (*open) (char*, int, int);
int (*close) (int);
int (*read) (int, void*, int);
int (*write) (int, void*, int);
off_t (*lseek) (int, off_t, int);
int (*printf) (const char*, ...);
void (*cacheflush) (void);
char* (*gets) (char*);
union {
int (*smpfork) (unsigned long cp, char *sp);
int (*cpustart) (long, void (*)(void), void *, long);
} _s;
int (*semlock) (int sem);
void (*semunlock) (int sem);
extern struct callvectors *debug_vectors;
#define pmon_open(name, flags, mode) debug_vectors->open(name, flage, mode)
#define pmon_close(fd) debug_vectors->close(fd)
#define pmon_read(fd, buf, count) debug_vectors->read(fd, buf, count)
#define pmon_write(fd, buf, count) debug_vectors->write(fd, buf, count)
#define pmon_lseek(fd, off, whence) debug_vectors->lseek(fd, off, whence)
#define pmon_printf(fmt...) debug_vectors->printf(fmt)
#define pmon_cacheflush() debug_vectors->cacheflush()
#define pmon_gets(s) debug_vectors->gets(s)
#define pmon_cpustart(n, f, sp, gp) debug_vectors->_s.cpustart(n, f, sp, gp)
#define pmon_smpfork(cp, sp) debug_vectors->_s.smpfork(cp, sp)
#define pmon_semlock(sem) debug_vectors->semlock(sem)
#define pmon_semunlock(sem) debug_vectors->semunlock(sem)
#endif /* _ASM_PMON_H */