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* Copyright (C) 2016 Imagination Technologies
* Author: Paul Burton <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
* option) any later version.
#ifndef __MIPS_ASM_MACHINE_H__
#define __MIPS_ASM_MACHINE_H__
#include <linux/libfdt.h>
#include <linux/of.h>
struct mips_machine {
const struct of_device_id *matches;
const void *fdt;
bool (*detect)(void);
const void *(*fixup_fdt)(const void *fdt, const void *match_data);
unsigned int (*measure_hpt_freq)(void);
extern long __mips_machines_start;
extern long __mips_machines_end;
#define MIPS_MACHINE(name) \
static const struct mips_machine __mips_mach_##name \
__used __section(.mips.machines.init)
#define for_each_mips_machine(mach) \
for ((mach) = (struct mips_machine *)&__mips_machines_start; \
(mach) < (struct mips_machine *)&__mips_machines_end; \
* mips_machine_is_compatible() - check if a machine is compatible with an FDT
* @mach: the machine struct to check
* @fdt: the FDT to check for compatibility with
* Check whether the given machine @mach is compatible with the given flattened
* device tree @fdt, based upon the compatibility property of the root node.
* Return: the device id matched if any, else NULL
static inline const struct of_device_id *
mips_machine_is_compatible(const struct mips_machine *mach, const void *fdt)
const struct of_device_id *match;
if (!mach->matches)
return NULL;
for (match = mach->matches; match->compatible[0]; match++) {
if (fdt_node_check_compatible(fdt, 0, match->compatible) == 0)
return match;
return NULL;
* struct mips_fdt_fixup - Describe a fixup to apply to an FDT
* @apply: applies the fixup to @fdt, returns zero on success else -errno
* @description: a short description of the fixup
* Describes a fixup applied to an FDT blob by the @apply function. The
* @description field provides a short description of the fixup intended for
* use in error messages if the @apply function returns non-zero.
struct mips_fdt_fixup {
int (*apply)(void *fdt);
const char *description;
* apply_mips_fdt_fixups() - apply fixups to an FDT blob
* @fdt_out: buffer in which to place the fixed-up FDT
* @fdt_out_size: the size of the @fdt_out buffer
* @fdt_in: the FDT blob
* @fixups: pointer to an array of fixups to be applied
* Loop through the array of fixups pointed to by @fixups, calling the apply
* function on each until either one returns an error or we reach the end of
* the list as indicated by an entry with a NULL apply field.
* Return: zero on success, else -errno
extern int __init apply_mips_fdt_fixups(void *fdt_out, size_t fdt_out_size,
const void *fdt_in,
const struct mips_fdt_fixup *fixups);
#endif /* __MIPS_ASM_MACHINE_H__ */