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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
* linux/fs/isofs/util.c
#include <linux/time.h>
#include "isofs.h"
* We have to convert from a MM/DD/YY format to the Unix ctime format.
* We have to take into account leap years and all of that good stuff.
* Unfortunately, the kernel does not have the information on hand to
* take into account daylight savings time, but it shouldn't matter.
* The time stored should be localtime (with or without DST in effect),
* and the timezone offset should hold the offset required to get back
* to GMT. Thus we should always be correct.
int iso_date(u8 *p, int flag)
int year, month, day, hour, minute, second, tz;
int crtime;
year = p[0];
month = p[1];
day = p[2];
hour = p[3];
minute = p[4];
second = p[5];
if (flag == 0) tz = p[6]; /* High sierra has no time zone */
else tz = 0;
if (year < 0) {
crtime = 0;
} else {
crtime = mktime64(year+1900, month, day, hour, minute, second);
/* sign extend */
if (tz & 0x80)
tz |= (-1 << 8);
* The timezone offset is unreliable on some disks,
* so we make a sanity check. In no case is it ever
* more than 13 hours from GMT, which is 52*15min.
* The time is always stored in localtime with the
* timezone offset being what get added to GMT to
* get to localtime. Thus we need to subtract the offset
* to get to true GMT, which is what we store the time
* as internally. On the local system, the user may set
* their timezone any way they wish, of course, so GMT
* gets converted back to localtime on the receiving
* system.
* NOTE: mkisofs in versions prior to mkisofs-1.10 had
* the sign wrong on the timezone offset. This has now
* been corrected there too, but if you are getting screwy
* results this may be the explanation. If enough people
* complain, a user configuration option could be added
* to add the timezone offset in with the wrong sign
* for 'compatibility' with older discs, but I cannot see how
* it will matter that much.
* Thanks to (Volker Kuhlmann)
* for pointing out the sign error.
if (-52 <= tz && tz <= 52)
crtime -= tz * 15 * 60;
return crtime;