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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
/* Copyright (c) 2015, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#include "ufshcd.h"
#define UFS_PWM_MODE 1
#define UFS_HS_MODE 2
struct ufs_dev_params {
u32 pwm_rx_gear; /* pwm rx gear to work in */
u32 pwm_tx_gear; /* pwm tx gear to work in */
u32 hs_rx_gear; /* hs rx gear to work in */
u32 hs_tx_gear; /* hs tx gear to work in */
u32 rx_lanes; /* number of rx lanes */
u32 tx_lanes; /* number of tx lanes */
u32 rx_pwr_pwm; /* rx pwm working pwr */
u32 tx_pwr_pwm; /* tx pwm working pwr */
u32 rx_pwr_hs; /* rx hs working pwr */
u32 tx_pwr_hs; /* tx hs working pwr */
u32 hs_rate; /* rate A/B to work in HS */
u32 desired_working_mode;
int ufshcd_get_pwr_dev_param(struct ufs_dev_params *dev_param,
struct ufs_pa_layer_attr *dev_max,
struct ufs_pa_layer_attr *agreed_pwr);
int ufshcd_pltfrm_init(struct platform_device *pdev,
const struct ufs_hba_variant_ops *vops);
void ufshcd_pltfrm_shutdown(struct platform_device *pdev);
#ifdef CONFIG_PM
int ufshcd_pltfrm_suspend(struct device *dev);
int ufshcd_pltfrm_resume(struct device *dev);
int ufshcd_pltfrm_runtime_suspend(struct device *dev);
int ufshcd_pltfrm_runtime_resume(struct device *dev);
int ufshcd_pltfrm_runtime_idle(struct device *dev);
#else /* !CONFIG_PM */
#define ufshcd_pltfrm_suspend NULL
#define ufshcd_pltfrm_resume NULL
#define ufshcd_pltfrm_runtime_suspend NULL
#define ufshcd_pltfrm_runtime_resume NULL
#define ufshcd_pltfrm_runtime_idle NULL
#endif /* CONFIG_PM */
#endif /* UFSHCD_PLTFRM_H_ */