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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
* Microcode patches for the CPM as supplied by Motorola.
* This is the one for IIC/SPI. There is a newer one that
* also relocates SMC2, but this would require additional changes
* to uart.c, so I am holding off on that for a moment.
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/errno.h>
#include <linux/sched.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/param.h>
#include <linux/string.h>
#include <linux/mm.h>
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#include <asm/irq.h>
#include <asm/page.h>
#include <asm/pgtable.h>
#include <asm/8xx_immap.h>
#include <asm/cpm.h>
#include <asm/cpm1.h>
struct patch_params {
ushort rccr;
ushort cpmcr1;
ushort cpmcr2;
ushort cpmcr3;
ushort cpmcr4;
* I2C/SPI relocation patch arrays.
static char patch_name[] __initdata = "I2C/SPI";
static struct patch_params patch_params __initdata = {
1, 0x802a, 0x8028, 0x802e, 0x802c,
static uint patch_2000[] __initdata = {
0x7FFFEFD9, 0x3FFD0000, 0x7FFB49F7, 0x7FF90000,
0x5FEFADF7, 0x5F89ADF7, 0x5FEFAFF7, 0x5F89AFF7,
0x3A9CFBC8, 0xE7C0EDF0, 0x77C1E1BB, 0xF4DC7F1D,
0xABAD932F, 0x4E08FDCF, 0x6E0FAFF8, 0x7CCF76CF,
0xFD1FF9CF, 0xABF88DC6, 0xAB5679F7, 0xB0937383,
0xDFCE79F7, 0xB091E6BB, 0xE5BBE74F, 0xB3FA6F0F,
0x76CEAD24, 0x90B2DF9A, 0x7FDDD0BF, 0x4BF847FD,
0x7CCF76CE, 0xCFEF7E1F, 0x7F1D7DFD, 0xF0B6EF71,
0x7FC177C1, 0xFBC86079, 0xE722FBC8, 0x5FFFDFFF,
0x5FB2FFFB, 0xFBC8F3C8, 0x94A67F01, 0x7F1D5F39,
0xAFE85F5E, 0xFFDFDF96, 0xCB9FAF7D, 0x5FC1AFED,
0x8C1C5FC1, 0xAFDD5FC3, 0xDF9A7EFD, 0xB0B25FB2,
0xFFFEABAD, 0x5FB2FFFE, 0x5FCE600B, 0xE6BB600B,
0x5FCEDFC6, 0x27FBEFDF, 0x5FC8CFDE, 0x3A9CE7C0,
0xEDF0F3C8, 0x7F0154CD, 0x7F1D2D3D, 0x363A7570,
0x7E0AF1CE, 0x37EF2E68, 0x7FEE10EC, 0xADF8EFDE,
0xCFEAE52F, 0x7D0FE12B, 0xF1CE5F65, 0x7E0A4DF8,
0xCFEA5F72, 0x7D0BEFEE, 0xCFEA5F74, 0xE522EFDE,
0x5F74CFDA, 0x0B627385, 0xDF627E0A, 0x30D8145B,
0xBFFFF3C8, 0x5FFFDFFF, 0xA7F85F5E, 0xBFFE7F7D,
0x10D31450, 0x5F36BFFF, 0xAF785F5E, 0xBFFDA7F8,
0x5F36BFFE, 0x77FD30C0, 0x4E08FDCF, 0xE5FF6E0F,
0xAFF87E1F, 0x7E0FFD1F, 0xF1CF5F1B, 0xABF80D5E,
0x5F5EFFEF, 0x79F730A2, 0xAFDD5F34, 0x47F85F34,
0xAFED7FDD, 0x50B24978, 0x47FD7F1D, 0x7DFD70AD,
0xEF717EC1, 0x6BA47F01, 0x2D267EFD, 0x30DE5F5E,
0xAFDD0C3A, 0x5F3AAFBD, 0x7FBDB082, 0x5F8247F8
static uint patch_2f00[] __initdata = {
0x3E303430, 0x34343737, 0xABF7BF9B, 0x994B4FBD,
0xBD599493, 0x349FFF37, 0xFB9B177D, 0xD9936956,
0xBBFDD697, 0xBDD2FD11, 0x31DB9BB3, 0x63139637,
0x93733693, 0x193137F7, 0x331737AF, 0x7BB9B999,
0xBB197957, 0x7FDFD3D5, 0x73B773F7, 0x37933B99,
0x1D115316, 0x99315315, 0x31694BF4, 0xFBDBD359,
0x31497353, 0x76956D69, 0x7B9D9693, 0x13131979,
static uint patch_2e00[] __initdata = {};
* I2C/SPI/SMC1 relocation patch arrays.
static char patch_name[] __initdata = "I2C/SPI/SMC1";
static struct patch_params patch_params __initdata = {
3, 0x8080, 0x808a, 0x8028, 0x802a,
static uint patch_2000[] __initdata = {
0x3fff0000, 0x3ffd0000, 0x3ffb0000, 0x3ff90000,
0x5f13eff8, 0x5eb5eff8, 0x5f88adf7, 0x5fefadf7,
0x3a9cfbc8, 0x77cae1bb, 0xf4de7fad, 0xabae9330,
0x4e08fdcf, 0x6e0faff8, 0x7ccf76cf, 0xfdaff9cf,
0xabf88dc8, 0xab5879f7, 0xb0925d8d, 0xdfd079f7,
0xb090e6bb, 0xe5bbe74f, 0x9e046f0f, 0x6ffb76ce,
0xee0cf9cf, 0x2bfbefef, 0xcfeef9cf, 0x76cead23,
0x90b3df99, 0x7fddd0c1, 0x4bf847fd, 0x7ccf76ce,
0xcfef77ca, 0x7eaf7fad, 0x7dfdf0b7, 0xef7a7fca,
0x77cafbc8, 0x6079e722, 0xfbc85fff, 0xdfff5fb3,
0xfffbfbc8, 0xf3c894a5, 0xe7c9edf9, 0x7f9a7fad,
0x5f36afe8, 0x5f5bffdf, 0xdf95cb9e, 0xaf7d5fc3,
0xafed8c1b, 0x5fc3afdd, 0x5fc5df99, 0x7efdb0b3,
0x5fb3fffe, 0xabae5fb3, 0xfffe5fd0, 0x600be6bb,
0x600b5fd0, 0xdfc827fb, 0xefdf5fca, 0xcfde3a9c,
0xe7c9edf9, 0xf3c87f9e, 0x54ca7fed, 0x2d3a3637,
0x756f7e9a, 0xf1ce37ef, 0x2e677fee, 0x10ebadf8,
0xefdecfea, 0xe52f7d9f, 0xe12bf1ce, 0x5f647e9a,
0x4df8cfea, 0x5f717d9b, 0xefeecfea, 0x5f73e522,
0xefde5f73, 0xcfda0b61, 0x5d8fdf61, 0xe7c9edf9,
0x7e9a30d5, 0x1458bfff, 0xf3c85fff, 0xdfffa7f8,
0x5f5bbffe, 0x7f7d10d0, 0x144d5f33, 0xbfffaf78,
0x5f5bbffd, 0xa7f85f33, 0xbffe77fd, 0x30bd4e08,
0xfdcfe5ff, 0x6e0faff8, 0x7eef7e9f, 0xfdeff1cf,
0x5f17abf8, 0x0d5b5f5b, 0xffef79f7, 0x309eafdd,
0x5f3147f8, 0x5f31afed, 0x7fdd50af, 0x497847fd,
0x7f9e7fed, 0x7dfd70a9, 0xef7e7ece, 0x6ba07f9e,
0x2d227efd, 0x30db5f5b, 0xfffd5f5b, 0xffef5f5b,
0xffdf0c9c, 0xafed0a9a, 0xafdd0c37, 0x5f37afbd,
0x7fbdb081, 0x5f8147f8, 0x3a11e710, 0xedf0ccdd,
0xf3186d0a, 0x7f0e5f06, 0x7fedbb38, 0x3afe7468,
0x7fedf4fc, 0x8ffbb951, 0xb85f77fd, 0xb0df5ddd,
0xdefe7fed, 0x90e1e74d, 0x6f0dcbf7, 0xe7decfed,
0xcb74cfed, 0xcfeddf6d, 0x91714f74, 0x5dd2deef,
0x9e04e7df, 0xefbb6ffb, 0xe7ef7f0e, 0x9e097fed,
0xebdbeffa, 0xeb54affb, 0x7fea90d7, 0x7e0cf0c3,
0xbffff318, 0x5fffdfff, 0xac59efea, 0x7fce1ee5,
0xe2ff5ee1, 0xaffbe2ff, 0x5ee3affb, 0xf9cc7d0f,
0xaef8770f, 0x7d0fb0c6, 0xeffbbfff, 0xcfef5ede,
0x7d0fbfff, 0x5ede4cf8, 0x7fddd0bf, 0x49f847fd,
0x7efdf0bb, 0x7fedfffd, 0x7dfdf0b7, 0xef7e7e1e,
0x5ede7f0e, 0x3a11e710, 0xedf0ccab, 0xfb18ad2e,
0x1ea9bbb8, 0x74283b7e, 0x73c2e4bb, 0x2ada4fb8,
0xdc21e4bb, 0xb2a1ffbf, 0x5e2c43f8, 0xfc87e1bb,
0xe74ffd91, 0x6f0f4fe8, 0xc7ba32e2, 0xf396efeb,
0x600b4f78, 0xe5bb760b, 0x53acaef8, 0x4ef88b0e,
0xcfef9e09, 0xabf8751f, 0xefef5bac, 0x741f4fe8,
0x751e760d, 0x7fdbf081, 0x741cafce, 0xefcc7fce,
0x751e70ac, 0x741ce7bb, 0x3372cfed, 0xafdbefeb,
0xe5bb760b, 0x53f2aef8, 0xafe8e7eb, 0x4bf8771e,
0x7e247fed, 0x4fcbe2cc, 0x7fbc30a9, 0x7b0f7a0f,
0x34d577fd, 0x308b5db7, 0xde553e5f, 0xaf78741f,
0x741f30f0, 0xcfef5e2c, 0x741f3eac, 0xafb8771e,
0x5e677fed, 0x0bd3e2cc, 0x741ccfec, 0xe5ca53cd,
0x6fcb4f74, 0x5dadde4b, 0x2ab63d38, 0x4bb3de30,
0x751f741c, 0x6c42effa, 0xefea7fce, 0x6ffc30be,
0xefec3fca, 0x30b3de2e, 0xadf85d9e, 0xaf7daefd,
0x5d9ede2e, 0x5d9eafdd, 0x761f10ac, 0x1da07efd,
0x30adfffe, 0x4908fb18, 0x5fffdfff, 0xafbb709b,
0x4ef85e67, 0xadf814ad, 0x7a0f70ad, 0xcfef50ad,
0x7a0fde30, 0x5da0afed, 0x3c12780f, 0xefef780f,
0xefef790f, 0xa7f85e0f, 0xffef790f, 0xefef790f,
0x14adde2e, 0x5d9eadfd, 0x5e2dfffb, 0xe79addfd,
0xeff96079, 0x607ae79a, 0xddfceff9, 0x60795dff,
0x607acfef, 0xefefefdf, 0xefbfef7f, 0xeeffedff,
0xebffe7ff, 0xafefafdf, 0xafbfaf7f, 0xaeffadff,
0xabffa7ff, 0x6fef6fdf, 0x6fbf6f7f, 0x6eff6dff,
0x6bff67ff, 0x2fef2fdf, 0x2fbf2f7f, 0x2eff2dff,
0x2bff27ff, 0x4e08fd1f, 0xe5ff6e0f, 0xaff87eef,
0x7e0ffdef, 0xf11f6079, 0xabf8f542, 0x7e0af11c,
0x37cfae3a, 0x7fec90be, 0xadf8efdc, 0xcfeae52f,
0x7d0fe12b, 0xf11c6079, 0x7e0a4df8, 0xcfea5dc4,
0x7d0befec, 0xcfea5dc6, 0xe522efdc, 0x5dc6cfda,
0x4e08fd1f, 0x6e0faff8, 0x7c1f761f, 0xfdeff91f,
0x6079abf8, 0x761cee24, 0xf91f2bfb, 0xefefcfec,
0xf91f6079, 0x761c27fb, 0xefdf5da7, 0xcfdc7fdd,
0xd09c4bf8, 0x47fd7c1f, 0x761ccfcf, 0x7eef7fed,
0x7dfdf093, 0xef7e7f1e, 0x771efb18, 0x6079e722,
0xe6bbe5bb, 0xae0ae5bb, 0x600bae85, 0xe2bbe2bb,
0xe2bbe2bb, 0xaf02e2bb, 0xe2bb2ff9, 0x6079e2bb
static uint patch_2f00[] __initdata = {
0x30303030, 0x3e3e3434, 0xabbf9b99, 0x4b4fbdbd,
0x59949334, 0x9fff37fb, 0x9b177dd9, 0x936956bb,
0xfbdd697b, 0xdd2fd113, 0x1db9f7bb, 0x36313963,
0x79373369, 0x3193137f, 0x7331737a, 0xf7bb9b99,
0x9bb19795, 0x77fdfd3d, 0x573b773f, 0x737933f7,
0xb991d115, 0x31699315, 0x31531694, 0xbf4fbdbd,
0x35931497, 0x35376956, 0xbd697b9d, 0x96931313,
0x19797937, 0x6935af78, 0xb9b3baa3, 0xb8788683,
0x368f78f7, 0x87778733, 0x3ffffb3b, 0x8e8f78b8,
0x1d118e13, 0xf3ff3f8b, 0x6bd8e173, 0xd1366856,
0x68d1687b, 0x3daf78b8, 0x3a3a3f87, 0x8f81378f,
0xf876f887, 0x77fd8778, 0x737de8d6, 0xbbf8bfff,
0xd8df87f7, 0xfd876f7b, 0x8bfff8bd, 0x8683387d,
0xb873d87b, 0x3b8fd7f8, 0xf7338883, 0xbb8ee1f8,
0xef837377, 0x3337b836, 0x817d11f8, 0x7378b878,
0xd3368b7d, 0xed731b7d, 0x833731f3, 0xf22f3f23
static uint patch_2e00[] __initdata = {
0x27eeeeee, 0xeeeeeeee, 0xeeeeeeee, 0xeeeeeeee,
0xee4bf4fb, 0xdbd259bb, 0x1979577f, 0xdfd2d573,
0xb773f737, 0x4b4fbdbd, 0x25b9b177, 0xd2d17376,
0x956bbfdd, 0x697bdd2f, 0xff9f79ff, 0xff9ff22f
* USB SOF patch arrays.
static char patch_name[] __initdata = "USB SOF";
static struct patch_params patch_params __initdata = {
static uint patch_2000[] __initdata = {
0x7fff0000, 0x7ffd0000, 0x7ffb0000, 0x49f7ba5b,
0xba383ffb, 0xf9b8b46d, 0xe5ab4e07, 0xaf77bffe,
0x3f7bbf79, 0xba5bba38, 0xe7676076, 0x60750000
static uint patch_2f00[] __initdata = {
0x3030304c, 0xcab9e441, 0xa1aaf220
static uint patch_2e00[] __initdata = {};
* SMC relocation patch arrays.
static char patch_name[] __initdata = "SMC";
static struct patch_params patch_params __initdata = {
2, 0x8080, 0x8088,
static uint patch_2000[] __initdata = {
0x3fff0000, 0x3ffd0000, 0x3ffb0000, 0x3ff90000,
0x5fefeff8, 0x5f91eff8, 0x3ff30000, 0x3ff10000,
0x3a11e710, 0xedf0ccb9, 0xf318ed66, 0x7f0e5fe2,
0x7fedbb38, 0x3afe7468, 0x7fedf4d8, 0x8ffbb92d,
0xb83b77fd, 0xb0bb5eb9, 0xdfda7fed, 0x90bde74d,
0x6f0dcbd3, 0xe7decfed, 0xcb50cfed, 0xcfeddf6d,
0x914d4f74, 0x5eaedfcb, 0x9ee0e7df, 0xefbb6ffb,
0xe7ef7f0e, 0x9ee57fed, 0xebb7effa, 0xeb30affb,
0x7fea90b3, 0x7e0cf09f, 0xbffff318, 0x5fffdfff,
0xac35efea, 0x7fce1fc1, 0xe2ff5fbd, 0xaffbe2ff,
0x5fbfaffb, 0xf9a87d0f, 0xaef8770f, 0x7d0fb0a2,
0xeffbbfff, 0xcfef5fba, 0x7d0fbfff, 0x5fba4cf8,
0x7fddd09b, 0x49f847fd, 0x7efdf097, 0x7fedfffd,
0x7dfdf093, 0xef7e7e1e, 0x5fba7f0e, 0x3a11e710,
0xedf0cc87, 0xfb18ad0a, 0x1f85bbb8, 0x74283b7e,
0x7375e4bb, 0x2ab64fb8, 0x5c7de4bb, 0x32fdffbf,
0x5f0843f8, 0x7ce3e1bb, 0xe74f7ded, 0x6f0f4fe8,
0xc7ba32be, 0x73f2efeb, 0x600b4f78, 0xe5bb760b,
0x5388aef8, 0x4ef80b6a, 0xcfef9ee5, 0xabf8751f,
0xefef5b88, 0x741f4fe8, 0x751e760d, 0x7fdb70dd,
0x741cafce, 0xefcc7fce, 0x751e7088, 0x741ce7bb,
0x334ecfed, 0xafdbefeb, 0xe5bb760b, 0x53ceaef8,
0xafe8e7eb, 0x4bf8771e, 0x7e007fed, 0x4fcbe2cc,
0x7fbc3085, 0x7b0f7a0f, 0x34b177fd, 0xb0e75e93,
0xdf313e3b, 0xaf78741f, 0x741f30cc, 0xcfef5f08,
0x741f3e88, 0xafb8771e, 0x5f437fed, 0x0bafe2cc,
0x741ccfec, 0xe5ca53a9, 0x6fcb4f74, 0x5e89df27,
0x2a923d14, 0x4b8fdf0c, 0x751f741c, 0x6c1eeffa,
0xefea7fce, 0x6ffc309a, 0xefec3fca, 0x308fdf0a,
0xadf85e7a, 0xaf7daefd, 0x5e7adf0a, 0x5e7aafdd,
0x761f1088, 0x1e7c7efd, 0x3089fffe, 0x4908fb18,
0x5fffdfff, 0xafbbf0f7, 0x4ef85f43, 0xadf81489,
0x7a0f7089, 0xcfef5089, 0x7a0fdf0c, 0x5e7cafed,
0xbc6e780f, 0xefef780f, 0xefef790f, 0xa7f85eeb,
0xffef790f, 0xefef790f, 0x1489df0a, 0x5e7aadfd,
0x5f09fffb, 0xe79aded9, 0xeff96079, 0x607ae79a,
0xded8eff9, 0x60795edb, 0x607acfef, 0xefefefdf,
0xefbfef7f, 0xeeffedff, 0xebffe7ff, 0xafefafdf,
0xafbfaf7f, 0xaeffadff, 0xabffa7ff, 0x6fef6fdf,
0x6fbf6f7f, 0x6eff6dff, 0x6bff67ff, 0x2fef2fdf,
0x2fbf2f7f, 0x2eff2dff, 0x2bff27ff, 0x4e08fd1f,
0xe5ff6e0f, 0xaff87eef, 0x7e0ffdef, 0xf11f6079,
0xabf8f51e, 0x7e0af11c, 0x37cfae16, 0x7fec909a,
0xadf8efdc, 0xcfeae52f, 0x7d0fe12b, 0xf11c6079,
0x7e0a4df8, 0xcfea5ea0, 0x7d0befec, 0xcfea5ea2,
0xe522efdc, 0x5ea2cfda, 0x4e08fd1f, 0x6e0faff8,
0x7c1f761f, 0xfdeff91f, 0x6079abf8, 0x761cee00,
0xf91f2bfb, 0xefefcfec, 0xf91f6079, 0x761c27fb,
0xefdf5e83, 0xcfdc7fdd, 0x50f84bf8, 0x47fd7c1f,
0x761ccfcf, 0x7eef7fed, 0x7dfd70ef, 0xef7e7f1e,
0x771efb18, 0x6079e722, 0xe6bbe5bb, 0x2e66e5bb,
0x600b2ee1, 0xe2bbe2bb, 0xe2bbe2bb, 0x2f5ee2bb,
0xe2bb2ff9, 0x6079e2bb,
static uint patch_2f00[] __initdata = {
0x30303030, 0x3e3e3030, 0xaf79b9b3, 0xbaa3b979,
0x9693369f, 0x79f79777, 0x97333fff, 0xfb3b9e9f,
0x79b91d11, 0x9e13f3ff, 0x3f9b6bd9, 0xe173d136,
0x695669d1, 0x697b3daf, 0x79b93a3a, 0x3f979f91,
0x379ff976, 0xf99777fd, 0x9779737d, 0xe9d6bbf9,
0xbfffd9df, 0x97f7fd97, 0x6f7b9bff, 0xf9bd9683,
0x397db973, 0xd97b3b9f, 0xd7f9f733, 0x9993bb9e,
0xe1f9ef93, 0x73773337, 0xb936917d, 0x11f87379,
0xb979d336, 0x8b7ded73, 0x1b7d9337, 0x31f3f22f,
0x3f2327ee, 0xeeeeeeee, 0xeeeeeeee, 0xeeeeeeee,
0xeeeeee4b, 0xf4fbdbd2, 0x58bb1878, 0x577fdfd2,
0xd573b773, 0xf7374b4f, 0xbdbd25b8, 0xb177d2d1,
0x7376856b, 0xbfdd687b, 0xdd2fff8f, 0x78ffff8f,
static uint patch_2e00[] __initdata = {};
static void __init cpm_write_patch(cpm8xx_t *cp, int offset, uint *patch, int len)
if (!len)
memcpy_toio(cp->cp_dpmem + offset, patch, len);
void __init cpm_load_patch(cpm8xx_t *cp)
out_be16(&cp->cp_rccr, 0);
cpm_write_patch(cp, 0, patch_2000, sizeof(patch_2000));
cpm_write_patch(cp, 0xf00, patch_2f00, sizeof(patch_2f00));
cpm_write_patch(cp, 0xe00, patch_2e00, sizeof(patch_2e00));
u16 rpbase = 0x500;
iic_t *iip;
struct spi_pram *spp;
iip = (iic_t *)&cp->cp_dparam[PROFF_IIC];
out_be16(&iip->iic_rpbase, rpbase);
/* Put SPI above the IIC, also 32-byte aligned. */
spp = (struct spi_pram *)&cp->cp_dparam[PROFF_SPI];
out_be16(&spp->rpbase, (rpbase + sizeof(iic_t) + 31) & ~31);
smc_uart_t *smp;
smp = (smc_uart_t *)&cp->cp_dparam[PROFF_SMC1];
out_be16(&smp->smc_rpbase, 0x1FC0);
smc_uart_t *smp;
smp = (smc_uart_t *)&cp->cp_dparam[PROFF_SMC1];
out_be16(&smp->smc_rpbase, 0x1ec0);
smp = (smc_uart_t *)&cp->cp_dparam[PROFF_SMC2];
out_be16(&smp->smc_rpbase, 0x1fc0);
out_be16(&cp->cp_cpmcr1, patch_params.cpmcr1);
out_be16(&cp->cp_cpmcr2, patch_params.cpmcr2);
out_be16(&cp->cp_cpmcr3, patch_params.cpmcr3);
out_be16(&cp->cp_cpmcr4, patch_params.cpmcr4);
out_be16(&cp->cp_rccr, patch_params.rccr);
pr_info("%s microcode patch installed\n", patch_name);