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/proc/sys/net/mpls/* Variables:
platform_labels - INTEGER
Number of entries in the platform label table. It is not
possible to configure forwarding for label values equal to or
greater than the number of platform labels.
A dense utilization of the entries in the platform label table
is possible and expected as the platform labels are locally
If the number of platform label table entries is set to 0 no
label will be recognized by the kernel and mpls forwarding
will be disabled.
Reducing this value will remove all label routing entries that
no longer fit in the table.
Possible values: 0 - 1048575
Default: 0
ip_ttl_propagate - BOOL
Control whether TTL is propagated from the IPv4/IPv6 header to
the MPLS header on imposing labels and propagated from the
MPLS header to the IPv4/IPv6 header on popping the last label.
If disabled, the MPLS transport network will appear as a
single hop to transit traffic.
0 - disabled / RFC 3443 [Short] Pipe Model
1 - enabled / RFC 3443 Uniform Model (default)
default_ttl - INTEGER
Default TTL value to use for MPLS packets where it cannot be
propagated from an IP header, either because one isn't present
or ip_ttl_propagate has been disabled.
Possible values: 1 - 255
Default: 255
conf/<interface>/input - BOOL
Control whether packets can be input on this interface.
If disabled, packets will be discarded without further
0 - disabled (default)
not 0 - enabled