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Devlink configuration parameters
Following is the list of configuration parameters via devlink interface.
Each parameter can be generic or driver specific and are device level
Note that the driver-specific files should contain the generic params
they support to, with supported config modes.
Each parameter can be set in different configuration modes:
runtime - set while driver is running, no reset required.
driverinit - applied while driver initializes, requires restart
driver by devlink reload command.
permanent - written to device's non-volatile memory, hard reset
Following is the list of parameters:
enable_sriov [DEVICE, GENERIC]
Enable Single Root I/O Virtualisation (SRIOV) in
the device.
Type: Boolean
ignore_ari [DEVICE, GENERIC]
Ignore Alternative Routing-ID Interpretation (ARI)
capability. If enabled, adapter will ignore ARI
capability even when platforms has the support
enabled and creates same number of partitions when
platform does not support ARI.
Type: Boolean
msix_vec_per_pf_max [DEVICE, GENERIC]
Provides the maximum number of MSIX interrupts that
a device can create. Value is same across all
physical functions (PFs) in the device.
Type: u32
msix_vec_per_pf_min [DEVICE, GENERIC]
Provides the minimum number of MSIX interrupts required
for the device initialization. Value is same across all
physical functions (PFs) in the device.
Type: u32
fw_load_policy [DEVICE, GENERIC]
Controls the device's firmware loading policy.
Valid values:
Load firmware version preferred by the driver.
Load firmware currently stored in flash.
Type: u8