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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0 OR CDDL-1.0) */
/* Copyright (C) 2010-2016 Oracle Corporation */
#ifndef __VBOXGUEST_CORE_H__
#define __VBOXGUEST_CORE_H__
#include <linux/input.h>
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/miscdevice.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <linux/wait.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
#include <linux/vboxguest.h>
#include "vmmdev.h"
struct vbg_session;
/** VBox guest memory balloon. */
struct vbg_mem_balloon {
struct work_struct work;
/** Pre-allocated vmmdev_memballoon_info req for query */
struct vmmdev_memballoon_info *get_req;
/** Pre-allocated vmmdev_memballoon_change req for inflate / deflate */
struct vmmdev_memballoon_change *change_req;
/** The current number of chunks in the balloon. */
u32 chunks;
/** The maximum number of chunks in the balloon. */
u32 max_chunks;
* Array of pointers to page arrays. A page * array is allocated for
* each chunk when inflating, and freed when the deflating.
struct page ***pages;
* Per bit usage tracker for a u32 mask.
* Used for optimal handling of guest properties and event filter.
struct vbg_bit_usage_tracker {
/** Per bit usage counters. */
u32 per_bit_usage[32];
/** The current mask according to per_bit_usage. */
u32 mask;
/** VBox guest device (data) extension. */
struct vbg_dev {
struct device *dev;
/** The base of the adapter I/O ports. */
u16 io_port;
/** Pointer to the mapping of the VMMDev adapter memory. */
struct vmmdev_memory *mmio;
/** Host version */
char host_version[64];
/** Host features */
unsigned int host_features;
* Dummy page and vmap address for reserved kernel virtual-address
* space for the guest mappings, only used on hosts lacking vtx.
struct page *guest_mappings_dummy_page;
void *guest_mappings;
/** Spinlock protecting pending_events. */
spinlock_t event_spinlock;
/** Preallocated struct vmmdev_events for the IRQ handler. */
struct vmmdev_events *ack_events_req;
/** Wait-for-event list for threads waiting for multiple events. */
wait_queue_head_t event_wq;
/** Mask of pending events. */
u32 pending_events;
/** Wait-for-event list for threads waiting on HGCM async completion. */
wait_queue_head_t hgcm_wq;
/** Pre-allocated hgcm cancel2 req. for cancellation on timeout */
struct vmmdev_hgcm_cancel2 *cancel_req;
/** Mutex protecting cancel_req accesses */
struct mutex cancel_req_mutex;
/** Pre-allocated mouse-status request for the input-device handling. */
struct vmmdev_mouse_status *mouse_status_req;
/** Input device for reporting abs mouse coordinates to the guest. */
struct input_dev *input;
/** Memory balloon information. */
struct vbg_mem_balloon mem_balloon;
/** Lock for session related items in vbg_dev and vbg_session */
struct mutex session_mutex;
/** Events we won't permit anyone to filter out. */
u32 fixed_events;
* Usage counters for the host events (excludes fixed events),
* Protected by session_mutex.
struct vbg_bit_usage_tracker event_filter_tracker;
* The event filter last reported to the host (or UINT32_MAX).
* Protected by session_mutex.
u32 event_filter_host;
* Usage counters for guest capabilities. Indexed by capability bit
* number, one count per session using a capability.
* Protected by session_mutex.
struct vbg_bit_usage_tracker guest_caps_tracker;
* The guest capabilities last reported to the host (or UINT32_MAX).
* Protected by session_mutex.
u32 guest_caps_host;
* Heartbeat timer which fires with interval
* cNsHearbeatInterval and its handler sends
struct timer_list heartbeat_timer;
/** Heartbeat timer interval in ms. */
int heartbeat_interval_ms;
/** Preallocated VMMDEVREQ_GUEST_HEARTBEAT request. */
struct vmmdev_request_header *guest_heartbeat_req;
/** "vboxguest" char-device */
struct miscdevice misc_device;
/** "vboxuser" char-device */
struct miscdevice misc_device_user;
/** The VBoxGuest per session data. */
struct vbg_session {
/** Pointer to the device extension. */
struct vbg_dev *gdev;
* Array containing HGCM client IDs associated with this session.
* These will be automatically disconnected when the session is closed.
* Protected by vbg_gdev.session_mutex.
u32 hgcm_client_ids[64];
* Host events requested by the session.
* An event type requested in any guest session will be added to the
* host filter. Protected by vbg_gdev.session_mutex.
u32 event_filter;
* Guest capabilities for this session.
* A capability claimed by any guest session will be reported to the
* host. Protected by vbg_gdev.session_mutex.
u32 guest_caps;
/** VMMDEV_REQUESTOR_* flags */
u32 requestor;
/** Set on CANCEL_ALL_WAITEVENTS, protected by vbg_devevent_spinlock. */
bool cancel_waiters;
int vbg_core_init(struct vbg_dev *gdev, u32 fixed_events);
void vbg_core_exit(struct vbg_dev *gdev);
struct vbg_session *vbg_core_open_session(struct vbg_dev *gdev, u32 requestor);
void vbg_core_close_session(struct vbg_session *session);
int vbg_core_ioctl(struct vbg_session *session, unsigned int req, void *data);
int vbg_core_set_mouse_status(struct vbg_dev *gdev, u32 features);
irqreturn_t vbg_core_isr(int irq, void *dev_id);
void vbg_linux_mouse_event(struct vbg_dev *gdev);
/* Private (non exported) functions form vboxguest_utils.c */
void *vbg_req_alloc(size_t len, enum vmmdev_request_type req_type,
u32 requestor);
void vbg_req_free(void *req, size_t len);
int vbg_req_perform(struct vbg_dev *gdev, void *req);
int vbg_hgcm_call32(
struct vbg_dev *gdev, u32 requestor, u32 client_id, u32 function,
u32 timeout_ms, struct vmmdev_hgcm_function_parameter32 *parm32,
u32 parm_count, int *vbox_status);