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EROFS is still working in progress, thus it is not suitable
for all productive uses. play at your own risk :)
TODO List:
- add the missing error handling code
(mainly existed in xattr and decompression submodules);
- finalize erofs ondisk format design (which means that
minor on-disk revisions could happen later);
- documentation and detailed technical analysis;
- general code review and clean up
(including confusing variable names and code snippets);
- support larger compressed clustersizes for selection
(currently erofs only works as expected with the page-sized
compressed cluster configuration, usually 4KB);
- support more lossless data compression algorithms
in addition to LZ4 algorithms in VLE approach;
- data deduplication and other useful features.
The following git tree provides the file system user-space
tools under development (ex, formatting tool mkfs.erofs):
>> git://
The open-source development of erofs-utils is at the early stage.
Contact the original author Li Guifu <> and
the co-maintainer Fang Wei <> for the latest news
and more details.
Code, suggestions, etc, are welcome. Please feel free to
ask and send patches,
linux-erofs mailing list <>
Gao Xiang <>
Chao Yu <>
Cc: (for linux-kernel upstream patches)
Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
linux-staging mailing list <>