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* libcxgbi.h: Chelsio common library for T3/T4 iSCSI driver.
* Copyright (c) 2010-2015 Chelsio Communications, Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation.
* Written by: Karen Xie (
* Written by: Rakesh Ranjan (
#ifndef __LIBCXGBI_H__
#define __LIBCXGBI_H__
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/errno.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/debugfs.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#include <linux/if_vlan.h>
#include <linux/scatterlist.h>
#include <linux/skbuff.h>
#include <linux/vmalloc.h>
#include <linux/version.h>
#include <scsi/scsi_device.h>
#include <scsi/libiscsi_tcp.h>
#include <libcxgb_ppm.h>
enum cxgbi_dbg_flag {
#define log_debug(level, fmt, ...) \
do { \
if (dbg_level & (level)) \
pr_info(fmt, ##__VA_ARGS__); \
} while (0)
#define pr_info_ipaddr(fmt_trail, \
addr1, addr2, args_trail...) \
do { \
if (!((1 << CXGBI_DBG_SOCK) & dbg_level)) \
break; \
pr_info("%pISpc - %pISpc, " fmt_trail, \
addr1, addr2, args_trail); \
} while (0)
/* max. connections per adapter */
#define CXGBI_MAX_CONN 16384
/* always allocate rooms for AHS */
(sizeof(struct iscsi_hdr) + ISCSI_MAX_AHS_SIZE)
#define ISCSI_PDU_NONPAYLOAD_LEN 312 /* bhs(48) + ahs(256) + digest(8)*/
* align pdu size to multiple of 512 for better performance
#define cxgbi_align_pdu_size(n) do { n = (n) & (~511); } while (0)
#define ULP2_MODE_ISCSI 2
#define ULP2_MAX_PKT_SIZE 16224
* For iscsi connections HW may inserts digest bytes into the pdu. Those digest
* bytes are not sent by the host but are part of the TCP payload and therefore
* consume TCP sequence space.
static const unsigned int ulp2_extra_len[] = { 0, 4, 4, 8 };
static inline unsigned int cxgbi_ulp_extra_len(int submode)
return ulp2_extra_len[submode & 3];
#define CPL_RX_DDP_STATUS_DDP_SHIFT 16 /* ddp'able */
#define CPL_RX_DDP_STATUS_PAD_SHIFT 19 /* pad error */
#define CPL_RX_DDP_STATUS_HCRC_SHIFT 20 /* hcrc error */
#define CPL_RX_DDP_STATUS_DCRC_SHIFT 21 /* dcrc error */
* sge_opaque_hdr -
* Opaque version of structure the SGE stores at skb->head of TX_DATA packets
* and for which we must reserve space.
struct sge_opaque_hdr {
void *dev;
dma_addr_t addr[MAX_SKB_FRAGS + 1];
struct cxgbi_sock {
struct cxgbi_device *cdev;
int tid;
int atid;
unsigned long flags;
unsigned int mtu;
unsigned short rss_qid;
unsigned short txq_idx;
unsigned short advmss;
unsigned int tx_chan;
unsigned int rx_chan;
unsigned int mss_idx;
unsigned int smac_idx;
unsigned char port_id;
int wr_max_cred;
int wr_cred;
int wr_una_cred;
u8 dcb_priority;
unsigned char hcrc_len;
unsigned char dcrc_len;
void *l2t;
struct sk_buff *wr_pending_head;
struct sk_buff *wr_pending_tail;
struct sk_buff *cpl_close;
struct sk_buff *cpl_abort_req;
struct sk_buff *cpl_abort_rpl;
struct sk_buff *skb_ulp_lhdr;
spinlock_t lock;
struct kref refcnt;
unsigned int state;
unsigned int csk_family;
union {
struct sockaddr_in saddr;
struct sockaddr_in6 saddr6;
union {
struct sockaddr_in daddr;
struct sockaddr_in6 daddr6;
struct dst_entry *dst;
struct sk_buff_head receive_queue;
struct sk_buff_head write_queue;
struct timer_list retry_timer;
struct completion cmpl;
int err;
rwlock_t callback_lock;
void *user_data;
u32 rcv_nxt;
u32 copied_seq;
u32 rcv_wup;
u32 snd_nxt;
u32 snd_una;
u32 write_seq;
u32 snd_win;
u32 rcv_win;
* connection states
enum cxgbi_sock_states{
* Connection flags -- many to track some close related events.
enum cxgbi_sock_flags {
CTPF_ABORT_RPL_RCVD, /*received one ABORT_RPL_RSS message */
CTPF_ABORT_REQ_RCVD, /*received one ABORT_REQ_RSS message */
CTPF_ABORT_RPL_PENDING, /* expecting an abort reply */
CTPF_TX_DATA_SENT, /* already sent a TX_DATA WR */
CTPF_ACTIVE_CLOSE_NEEDED,/* need to be closed */
CTPF_HAS_ATID, /* reserved atid */
CTPF_HAS_TID, /* reserved hw tid */
CTPF_OFFLOAD_DOWN, /* offload function off */
CTPF_LOGOUT_RSP_RCVD, /* received logout response */
struct cxgbi_skb_rx_cb {
__u32 ddigest;
__u32 pdulen;
struct cxgbi_skb_tx_cb {
void *handle;
void *arp_err_handler;
struct sk_buff *wr_next;
enum cxgbi_skcb_flags {
SKCBF_TX_NEED_HDR, /* packet needs a header */
SKCBF_TX_MEM_WRITE, /* memory write */
SKCBF_TX_FLAG_COMPL, /* wr completion flag */
SKCBF_RX_COALESCED, /* received whole pdu */
SKCBF_RX_HDR, /* received pdu header */
SKCBF_RX_DATA, /* received pdu payload */
SKCBF_RX_STATUS, /* received ddp status */
SKCBF_RX_ISCSI_COMPL, /* received iscsi completion */
SKCBF_RX_DATA_DDPD, /* pdu payload ddp'd */
SKCBF_RX_HCRC_ERR, /* header digest error */
SKCBF_RX_DCRC_ERR, /* data digest error */
SKCBF_RX_PAD_ERR, /* padding byte error */
struct cxgbi_skb_cb {
union {
struct cxgbi_skb_rx_cb rx;
struct cxgbi_skb_tx_cb tx;
unsigned char ulp_mode;
unsigned long flags;
unsigned int seq;
#define CXGBI_SKB_CB(skb) ((struct cxgbi_skb_cb *)&((skb)->cb[0]))
#define cxgbi_skcb_flags(skb) (CXGBI_SKB_CB(skb)->flags)
#define cxgbi_skcb_ulp_mode(skb) (CXGBI_SKB_CB(skb)->ulp_mode)
#define cxgbi_skcb_tcp_seq(skb) (CXGBI_SKB_CB(skb)->seq)
#define cxgbi_skcb_rx_ddigest(skb) (CXGBI_SKB_CB(skb)->rx.ddigest)
#define cxgbi_skcb_rx_pdulen(skb) (CXGBI_SKB_CB(skb)->rx.pdulen)
#define cxgbi_skcb_tx_wr_next(skb) (CXGBI_SKB_CB(skb)->tx.wr_next)
static inline void cxgbi_skcb_set_flag(struct sk_buff *skb,
enum cxgbi_skcb_flags flag)
__set_bit(flag, &(cxgbi_skcb_flags(skb)));
static inline void cxgbi_skcb_clear_flag(struct sk_buff *skb,
enum cxgbi_skcb_flags flag)
__clear_bit(flag, &(cxgbi_skcb_flags(skb)));
static inline int cxgbi_skcb_test_flag(const struct sk_buff *skb,
enum cxgbi_skcb_flags flag)
return test_bit(flag, &(cxgbi_skcb_flags(skb)));
static inline void cxgbi_sock_set_flag(struct cxgbi_sock *csk,
enum cxgbi_sock_flags flag)
__set_bit(flag, &csk->flags);
log_debug(1 << CXGBI_DBG_SOCK,
"csk 0x%p,%u,0x%lx, bit %d.\n",
csk, csk->state, csk->flags, flag);
static inline void cxgbi_sock_clear_flag(struct cxgbi_sock *csk,
enum cxgbi_sock_flags flag)
__clear_bit(flag, &csk->flags);
log_debug(1 << CXGBI_DBG_SOCK,
"csk 0x%p,%u,0x%lx, bit %d.\n",
csk, csk->state, csk->flags, flag);
static inline int cxgbi_sock_flag(struct cxgbi_sock *csk,
enum cxgbi_sock_flags flag)
if (csk == NULL)
return 0;
return test_bit(flag, &csk->flags);
static inline void cxgbi_sock_set_state(struct cxgbi_sock *csk, int state)
log_debug(1 << CXGBI_DBG_SOCK,
"csk 0x%p,%u,0x%lx, state -> %u.\n",
csk, csk->state, csk->flags, state);
csk->state = state;
static inline void cxgbi_sock_free(struct kref *kref)
struct cxgbi_sock *csk = container_of(kref,
struct cxgbi_sock,
if (csk) {
log_debug(1 << CXGBI_DBG_SOCK,
"free csk 0x%p, state %u, flags 0x%lx\n",
csk, csk->state, csk->flags);
static inline void __cxgbi_sock_put(const char *fn, struct cxgbi_sock *csk)
log_debug(1 << CXGBI_DBG_SOCK,
"%s, put csk 0x%p, ref %u-1.\n",
fn, csk, kref_read(&csk->refcnt));
kref_put(&csk->refcnt, cxgbi_sock_free);
#define cxgbi_sock_put(csk) __cxgbi_sock_put(__func__, csk)
static inline void __cxgbi_sock_get(const char *fn, struct cxgbi_sock *csk)
log_debug(1 << CXGBI_DBG_SOCK,
"%s, get csk 0x%p, ref %u+1.\n",
fn, csk, kref_read(&csk->refcnt));
#define cxgbi_sock_get(csk) __cxgbi_sock_get(__func__, csk)
static inline int cxgbi_sock_is_closing(struct cxgbi_sock *csk)
return csk->state >= CTP_ACTIVE_CLOSE;
static inline int cxgbi_sock_is_established(struct cxgbi_sock *csk)
return csk->state == CTP_ESTABLISHED;
static inline void cxgbi_sock_purge_write_queue(struct cxgbi_sock *csk)
struct sk_buff *skb;
while ((skb = __skb_dequeue(&csk->write_queue)))
static inline unsigned int cxgbi_sock_compute_wscale(unsigned int win)
unsigned int wscale = 0;
while (wscale < 14 && (65535 << wscale) < win)
return wscale;
static inline struct sk_buff *alloc_wr(int wrlen, int dlen, gfp_t gfp)
struct sk_buff *skb = alloc_skb(wrlen + dlen, gfp);
if (skb) {
__skb_put(skb, wrlen);
memset(skb->head, 0, wrlen + dlen);
} else
pr_info("alloc cpl wr skb %u+%u, OOM.\n", wrlen, dlen);
return skb;
* The number of WRs needed for an skb depends on the number of fragments
* in the skb and whether it has any payload in its main body. This maps the
* length of the gather list represented by an skb into the # of necessary WRs.
* The extra two fragments are for iscsi bhs and payload padding.
static inline void cxgbi_sock_reset_wr_list(struct cxgbi_sock *csk)
csk->wr_pending_head = csk->wr_pending_tail = NULL;
static inline void cxgbi_sock_enqueue_wr(struct cxgbi_sock *csk,
struct sk_buff *skb)
cxgbi_skcb_tx_wr_next(skb) = NULL;
* We want to take an extra reference since both us and the driver
* need to free the packet before it's really freed.
if (!csk->wr_pending_head)
csk->wr_pending_head = skb;
cxgbi_skcb_tx_wr_next(csk->wr_pending_tail) = skb;
csk->wr_pending_tail = skb;
static inline int cxgbi_sock_count_pending_wrs(const struct cxgbi_sock *csk)
int n = 0;
const struct sk_buff *skb = csk->wr_pending_head;
while (skb) {
n += skb->csum;
skb = cxgbi_skcb_tx_wr_next(skb);
return n;
static inline struct sk_buff *cxgbi_sock_peek_wr(const struct cxgbi_sock *csk)
return csk->wr_pending_head;
static inline struct sk_buff *cxgbi_sock_dequeue_wr(struct cxgbi_sock *csk)
struct sk_buff *skb = csk->wr_pending_head;
if (likely(skb)) {
csk->wr_pending_head = cxgbi_skcb_tx_wr_next(skb);
cxgbi_skcb_tx_wr_next(skb) = NULL;
return skb;
void cxgbi_sock_check_wr_invariants(const struct cxgbi_sock *);
void cxgbi_sock_purge_wr_queue(struct cxgbi_sock *);
void cxgbi_sock_skb_entail(struct cxgbi_sock *, struct sk_buff *);
void cxgbi_sock_fail_act_open(struct cxgbi_sock *, int);
void cxgbi_sock_act_open_req_arp_failure(void *, struct sk_buff *);
void cxgbi_sock_closed(struct cxgbi_sock *);
void cxgbi_sock_established(struct cxgbi_sock *, unsigned int, unsigned int);
void cxgbi_sock_rcv_abort_rpl(struct cxgbi_sock *);
void cxgbi_sock_rcv_peer_close(struct cxgbi_sock *);
void cxgbi_sock_rcv_close_conn_rpl(struct cxgbi_sock *, u32);
void cxgbi_sock_rcv_wr_ack(struct cxgbi_sock *, unsigned int, unsigned int,
unsigned int cxgbi_sock_select_mss(struct cxgbi_sock *, unsigned int);
void cxgbi_sock_free_cpl_skbs(struct cxgbi_sock *);
struct cxgbi_hba {
struct net_device *ndev;
struct net_device *vdev; /* vlan dev */
struct Scsi_Host *shost;
struct cxgbi_device *cdev;
__be32 ipv4addr;
unsigned char port_id;
struct cxgbi_ports_map {
unsigned int max_connect;
unsigned int used;
unsigned short sport_base;
spinlock_t lock;
unsigned int next;
struct cxgbi_sock **port_csk;
#define CXGBI_FLAG_DEV_T3 0x1
#define CXGBI_FLAG_DEV_T4 0x2
#define CXGBI_FLAG_IPV4_SET 0x10
#define CXGBI_FLAG_DDP_OFF 0x100
struct cxgbi_device {
struct list_head list_head;
struct list_head rcu_node;
unsigned int flags;
struct net_device **ports;
void *lldev;
struct cxgbi_hba **hbas;
const unsigned short *mtus;
unsigned char nmtus;
unsigned char nports;
struct pci_dev *pdev;
struct dentry *debugfs_root;
struct iscsi_transport *itp;
struct module *owner;
unsigned int pfvf;
unsigned int rx_credit_thres;
unsigned int skb_tx_rsvd;
unsigned int skb_rx_extra; /* for msg coalesced mode */
unsigned int tx_max_size;
unsigned int rx_max_size;
unsigned int rxq_idx_cntr;
struct cxgbi_ports_map pmap;
void (*dev_ddp_cleanup)(struct cxgbi_device *);
struct cxgbi_ppm* (*cdev2ppm)(struct cxgbi_device *);
int (*csk_ddp_set_map)(struct cxgbi_ppm *, struct cxgbi_sock *,
struct cxgbi_task_tag_info *);
void (*csk_ddp_clear_map)(struct cxgbi_device *cdev,
struct cxgbi_ppm *,
struct cxgbi_task_tag_info *);
int (*csk_ddp_setup_digest)(struct cxgbi_sock *,
unsigned int, int, int);
int (*csk_ddp_setup_pgidx)(struct cxgbi_sock *,
unsigned int, int);
void (*csk_release_offload_resources)(struct cxgbi_sock *);
int (*csk_rx_pdu_ready)(struct cxgbi_sock *, struct sk_buff *);
u32 (*csk_send_rx_credits)(struct cxgbi_sock *, u32);
int (*csk_push_tx_frames)(struct cxgbi_sock *, int);
void (*csk_send_abort_req)(struct cxgbi_sock *);
void (*csk_send_close_req)(struct cxgbi_sock *);
int (*csk_alloc_cpls)(struct cxgbi_sock *);
int (*csk_init_act_open)(struct cxgbi_sock *);
void *dd_data;
#define cxgbi_cdev_priv(cdev) ((cdev)->dd_data)
struct cxgbi_conn {
struct cxgbi_endpoint *cep;
struct iscsi_conn *iconn;
struct cxgbi_hba *chba;
u32 task_idx_bits;
unsigned int ddp_full;
unsigned int ddp_tag_full;
struct cxgbi_endpoint {
struct cxgbi_conn *cconn;
struct cxgbi_hba *chba;
struct cxgbi_sock *csk;
#define MAX_PDU_FRAGS ((ULP2_MAX_PDU_PAYLOAD + 512 - 1) / 512)
struct cxgbi_task_data {
unsigned short nr_frags;
struct page_frag frags[MAX_PDU_FRAGS];
struct sk_buff *skb;
unsigned int dlen;
unsigned int offset;
unsigned int count;
unsigned int sgoffset;
struct cxgbi_task_tag_info ttinfo;
#define iscsi_task_cxgbi_data(task) \
((task)->dd_data + sizeof(struct iscsi_tcp_task))
static inline void *cxgbi_alloc_big_mem(unsigned int size,
gfp_t gfp)
void *p = kzalloc(size, gfp | __GFP_NOWARN);
if (!p)
p = vzalloc(size);
return p;
static inline void cxgbi_free_big_mem(void *addr)
static inline void cxgbi_set_iscsi_ipv4(struct cxgbi_hba *chba, __be32 ipaddr)
if (chba->cdev->flags & CXGBI_FLAG_IPV4_SET)
chba->ipv4addr = ipaddr;
pr_info("set iscsi ipv4 NOT supported, using %s ipv4.\n",
struct cxgbi_device *cxgbi_device_register(unsigned int, unsigned int);
void cxgbi_device_unregister(struct cxgbi_device *);
void cxgbi_device_unregister_all(unsigned int flag);
struct cxgbi_device *cxgbi_device_find_by_lldev(void *);
struct cxgbi_device *cxgbi_device_find_by_netdev(struct net_device *, int *);
struct cxgbi_device *cxgbi_device_find_by_netdev_rcu(struct net_device *,
int *);
int cxgbi_hbas_add(struct cxgbi_device *, u64, unsigned int,
struct scsi_host_template *,
struct scsi_transport_template *);
void cxgbi_hbas_remove(struct cxgbi_device *);
int cxgbi_device_portmap_create(struct cxgbi_device *cdev, unsigned int base,
unsigned int max_conn);
void cxgbi_device_portmap_cleanup(struct cxgbi_device *cdev);
void cxgbi_conn_tx_open(struct cxgbi_sock *);
void cxgbi_conn_pdu_ready(struct cxgbi_sock *);
int cxgbi_conn_alloc_pdu(struct iscsi_task *, u8);
int cxgbi_conn_init_pdu(struct iscsi_task *, unsigned int , unsigned int);
int cxgbi_conn_xmit_pdu(struct iscsi_task *);
void cxgbi_cleanup_task(struct iscsi_task *task);
umode_t cxgbi_attr_is_visible(int param_type, int param);
void cxgbi_get_conn_stats(struct iscsi_cls_conn *, struct iscsi_stats *);
int cxgbi_set_conn_param(struct iscsi_cls_conn *,
enum iscsi_param, char *, int);
int cxgbi_get_ep_param(struct iscsi_endpoint *ep, enum iscsi_param, char *);
struct iscsi_cls_conn *cxgbi_create_conn(struct iscsi_cls_session *, u32);
int cxgbi_bind_conn(struct iscsi_cls_session *,
struct iscsi_cls_conn *, u64, int);
void cxgbi_destroy_session(struct iscsi_cls_session *);
struct iscsi_cls_session *cxgbi_create_session(struct iscsi_endpoint *,
u16, u16, u32);
int cxgbi_set_host_param(struct Scsi_Host *,
enum iscsi_host_param, char *, int);
int cxgbi_get_host_param(struct Scsi_Host *, enum iscsi_host_param, char *);
struct iscsi_endpoint *cxgbi_ep_connect(struct Scsi_Host *,
struct sockaddr *, int);
int cxgbi_ep_poll(struct iscsi_endpoint *, int);
void cxgbi_ep_disconnect(struct iscsi_endpoint *);
int cxgbi_iscsi_init(struct iscsi_transport *,
struct scsi_transport_template **);
void cxgbi_iscsi_cleanup(struct iscsi_transport *,
struct scsi_transport_template **);
void cxgbi_parse_pdu_itt(struct iscsi_conn *, itt_t, int *, int *);
int cxgbi_ddp_init(struct cxgbi_device *, unsigned int, unsigned int,
unsigned int, unsigned int);
int cxgbi_ddp_cleanup(struct cxgbi_device *);
void cxgbi_ddp_page_size_factor(int *);
void cxgbi_ddp_set_one_ppod(struct cxgbi_pagepod *,
struct cxgbi_task_tag_info *,
struct scatterlist **sg_pp, unsigned int *sg_off);
void cxgbi_ddp_ppm_setup(void **ppm_pp, struct cxgbi_device *,
struct cxgbi_tag_format *, unsigned int ppmax,
unsigned int llimit, unsigned int start,
unsigned int rsvd_factor);
#endif /*__LIBCXGBI_H__*/