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* Copyright (c) 2012-2016, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (C) 2017 Linaro Ltd.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 and
* only version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
#ifndef __VENUS_CORE_H_
#define __VENUS_CORE_H_
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <media/videobuf2-v4l2.h>
#include <media/v4l2-ctrls.h>
#include <media/v4l2-device.h>
#include "hfi.h"
struct freq_tbl {
unsigned int load;
unsigned long freq;
struct reg_val {
u32 reg;
u32 value;
struct venus_resources {
u64 dma_mask;
const struct freq_tbl *freq_tbl;
unsigned int freq_tbl_size;
const struct reg_val *reg_tbl;
unsigned int reg_tbl_size;
const char * const clks[VIDC_CLKS_NUM_MAX];
unsigned int clks_num;
enum hfi_version hfi_version;
u32 max_load;
unsigned int vmem_id;
u32 vmem_size;
u32 vmem_addr;
const char *fwname;
struct venus_format {
u32 pixfmt;
unsigned int num_planes;
u32 type;
#define MAX_PLANES 4
#define MAX_FMT_ENTRIES 32
#define MAX_CAP_ENTRIES 32
#define MAX_CODEC_NUM 32
struct raw_formats {
u32 buftype;
u32 fmt;
struct venus_caps {
u32 codec;
u32 domain;
bool cap_bufs_mode_dynamic;
unsigned int num_caps;
struct hfi_capability caps[MAX_CAP_ENTRIES];
unsigned int num_pl;
struct hfi_profile_level pl[HFI_MAX_PROFILE_COUNT];
unsigned int num_fmts;
struct raw_formats fmts[MAX_FMT_ENTRIES];
bool valid; /* used only for Venus v1xx */
* struct venus_core - holds core parameters valid for all instances
* @base: IO memory base address
* @irq: Venus irq
* @clks: an array of struct clk pointers
* @core0_clk: a struct clk pointer for core0
* @core1_clk: a struct clk pointer for core1
* @core0_bus_clk: a struct clk pointer for core0 bus clock
* @core1_bus_clk: a struct clk pointer for core1 bus clock
* @vdev_dec: a reference to video device structure for decoder instances
* @vdev_enc: a reference to video device structure for encoder instances
* @v4l2_dev: a holder for v4l2 device structure
* @res: a reference to venus resources structure
* @dev: convenience struct device pointer
* @dev_dec: convenience struct device pointer for decoder device
* @dev_enc: convenience struct device pointer for encoder device
* @use_tz: a flag that suggests presence of trustzone
* @lock: a lock for this strucure
* @instances: a list_head of all instances
* @insts_count: num of instances
* @state: the state of the venus core
* @done: a completion for sync HFI operations
* @error: an error returned during last HFI sync operations
* @sys_error: an error flag that signal system error event
* @core_ops: the core operations
* @enc_codecs: encoders supported by this core
* @dec_codecs: decoders supported by this core
* @max_sessions_supported: holds the maximum number of sessions
* @core_caps: core capabilities
* @priv: a private filed for HFI operations
* @ops: the core HFI operations
* @work: a delayed work for handling system fatal error
struct venus_core {
void __iomem *base;
int irq;
struct clk *clks[VIDC_CLKS_NUM_MAX];
struct clk *core0_clk;
struct clk *core1_clk;
struct clk *core0_bus_clk;
struct clk *core1_bus_clk;
struct video_device *vdev_dec;
struct video_device *vdev_enc;
struct v4l2_device v4l2_dev;
const struct venus_resources *res;
struct device *dev;
struct device *dev_dec;
struct device *dev_enc;
unsigned int use_tz;
struct video_firmware {
struct device *dev;
struct iommu_domain *iommu_domain;
size_t mapped_mem_size;
} fw;
struct mutex lock;
struct list_head instances;
atomic_t insts_count;
unsigned int state;
struct completion done;
unsigned int error;
bool sys_error;
const struct hfi_core_ops *core_ops;
unsigned long enc_codecs;
unsigned long dec_codecs;
unsigned int max_sessions_supported;
unsigned int core_caps;
void *priv;
const struct hfi_ops *ops;
struct delayed_work work;
struct venus_caps caps[MAX_CODEC_NUM];
unsigned int codecs_count;
struct vdec_controls {
u32 post_loop_deb_mode;
u32 profile;
u32 level;
struct venc_controls {
u16 gop_size;
u32 num_p_frames;
u32 num_b_frames;
u32 bitrate_mode;
u32 bitrate;
u32 bitrate_peak;
u32 h264_i_period;
u32 h264_entropy_mode;
u32 h264_i_qp;
u32 h264_p_qp;
u32 h264_b_qp;
u32 h264_min_qp;
u32 h264_max_qp;
u32 h264_loop_filter_mode;
s32 h264_loop_filter_alpha;
s32 h264_loop_filter_beta;
u32 vp8_min_qp;
u32 vp8_max_qp;
u32 multi_slice_mode;
u32 multi_slice_max_bytes;
u32 multi_slice_max_mb;
u32 header_mode;
struct {
u32 mpeg4;
u32 h264;
u32 vpx;
u32 hevc;
} profile;
struct {
u32 mpeg4;
u32 h264;
u32 hevc;
} level;
struct venus_buffer {
struct vb2_v4l2_buffer vb;
struct list_head list;
dma_addr_t dma_addr;
u32 size;
struct list_head reg_list;
u32 flags;
struct list_head ref_list;
#define to_venus_buffer(ptr) container_of(ptr, struct venus_buffer, vb)
* struct venus_inst - holds per instance parameters
* @list: used for attach an instance to the core
* @lock: instance lock
* @core: a reference to the core struct
* @dpbbufs: a list of decoded picture buffers
* @internalbufs: a list of internal bufferes
* @registeredbufs: a list of registered capture bufferes
* @delayed_process a list of delayed buffers
* @delayed_process_work: a work_struct for process delayed buffers
* @ctrl_handler: v4l control handler
* @controls: a union of decoder and encoder control parameters
* @fh: a holder of v4l file handle structure
* @streamon_cap: stream on flag for capture queue
* @streamon_out: stream on flag for output queue
* @width: current capture width
* @height: current capture height
* @out_width: current output width
* @out_height: current output height
* @colorspace: current color space
* @quantization: current quantization
* @xfer_func: current xfer function
* @fps: holds current FPS
* @timeperframe: holds current time per frame structure
* @fmt_out: a reference to output format structure
* @fmt_cap: a reference to capture format structure
* @num_input_bufs: holds number of input buffers
* @num_output_bufs: holds number of output buffers
* @input_buf_size holds input buffer size
* @output_buf_size: holds output buffer size
* @output2_buf_size: holds secondary decoder output buffer size
* @dpb_buftype: decoded picture buffer type
* @dpb_fmt: decoded picture buffer raw format
* @opb_buftype: output picture buffer type
* @opb_fmt: output picture buffer raw format
* @reconfig: a flag raised by decoder when the stream resolution changed
* @reconfig_width: holds the new width
* @reconfig_height: holds the new height
* @hfi_codec: current codec for this instance in HFI space
* @sequence_cap: a sequence counter for capture queue
* @sequence_out: a sequence counter for output queue
* @m2m_dev: a reference to m2m device structure
* @m2m_ctx: a reference to m2m context structure
* @state: current state of the instance
* @done: a completion for sync HFI operation
* @error: an error returned during last HFI sync operation
* @session_error: a flag rised by HFI interface in case of session error
* @ops: HFI operations
* @priv: a private for HFI operations callbacks
* @session_type: the type of the session (decoder or encoder)
* @hprop: a union used as a holder by get property
struct venus_inst {
struct list_head list;
struct mutex lock;
struct venus_core *core;
struct list_head dpbbufs;
struct list_head internalbufs;
struct list_head registeredbufs;
struct list_head delayed_process;
struct work_struct delayed_process_work;
struct v4l2_ctrl_handler ctrl_handler;
union {
struct vdec_controls dec;
struct venc_controls enc;
} controls;
struct v4l2_fh fh;
unsigned int streamon_cap, streamon_out;
u32 width;
u32 height;
u32 out_width;
u32 out_height;
u32 colorspace;
u8 ycbcr_enc;
u8 quantization;
u8 xfer_func;
u64 fps;
struct v4l2_fract timeperframe;
const struct venus_format *fmt_out;
const struct venus_format *fmt_cap;
unsigned int num_input_bufs;
unsigned int num_output_bufs;
unsigned int input_buf_size;
unsigned int output_buf_size;
unsigned int output2_buf_size;
u32 dpb_buftype;
u32 dpb_fmt;
u32 opb_buftype;
u32 opb_fmt;
bool reconfig;
u32 reconfig_width;
u32 reconfig_height;
u32 hfi_codec;
u32 sequence_cap;
u32 sequence_out;
struct v4l2_m2m_dev *m2m_dev;
struct v4l2_m2m_ctx *m2m_ctx;
unsigned int state;
struct completion done;
unsigned int error;
bool session_error;
const struct hfi_inst_ops *ops;
u32 session_type;
union hfi_get_property hprop;
#define IS_V1(core) ((core)->res->hfi_version == HFI_VERSION_1XX)
#define IS_V3(core) ((core)->res->hfi_version == HFI_VERSION_3XX)
#define IS_V4(core) ((core)->res->hfi_version == HFI_VERSION_4XX)
#define ctrl_to_inst(ctrl) \
container_of((ctrl)->handler, struct venus_inst, ctrl_handler)
static inline struct venus_inst *to_inst(struct file *filp)
return container_of(filp->private_data, struct venus_inst, fh);
static inline void *to_hfi_priv(struct venus_core *core)
return core->priv;
static inline struct venus_caps *
venus_caps_by_codec(struct venus_core *core, u32 codec, u32 domain)
unsigned int c;
for (c = 0; c < core->codecs_count; c++) {
if (core->caps[c].codec == codec &&
core->caps[c].domain == domain)
return &core->caps[c];
return NULL;