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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Shared Memory Communications Direct over ISM devices (SMC-D)
* SMC-D ISM device structure definitions.
* Copyright IBM Corp. 2018
#ifndef SMCD_ISM_H
#define SMCD_ISM_H
#include <linux/uio.h>
#include "smc.h"
struct smcd_dev_list { /* List of SMCD devices */
struct list_head list;
spinlock_t lock; /* Protects list of devices */
extern struct smcd_dev_list smcd_dev_list; /* list of smcd devices */
struct smc_ism_vlanid { /* VLAN id set on ISM device */
struct list_head list;
unsigned short vlanid; /* Vlan id */
refcount_t refcnt; /* Reference count */
struct smc_ism_position { /* ISM device position to write to */
u64 token; /* Token of DMB */
u32 offset; /* Offset into DMBE */
u8 index; /* Index of DMBE */
u8 signal; /* Generate interrupt on owner side */
struct smcd_dev;
int smc_ism_cantalk(u64 peer_gid, unsigned short vlan_id, struct smcd_dev *dev);
void smc_ism_set_conn(struct smc_connection *conn);
void smc_ism_unset_conn(struct smc_connection *conn);
int smc_ism_get_vlan(struct smcd_dev *dev, unsigned short vlan_id);
int smc_ism_put_vlan(struct smcd_dev *dev, unsigned short vlan_id);
int smc_ism_register_dmb(struct smc_link_group *lgr, int buf_size,
struct smc_buf_desc *dmb_desc);
int smc_ism_unregister_dmb(struct smcd_dev *dev, struct smc_buf_desc *dmb_desc);
int smc_ism_write(struct smcd_dev *dev, const struct smc_ism_position *pos,
void *data, size_t len);