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* Parallel SCSI (SPI) transport specific attributes exported to sysfs.
* Copyright (c) 2003 Silicon Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
#include <linux/transport_class.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
struct scsi_transport_template;
struct scsi_target;
struct scsi_device;
struct Scsi_Host;
struct spi_transport_attrs {
int period; /* value in the PPR/SDTR command */
int min_period;
int offset;
int max_offset;
unsigned int width:1; /* 0 - narrow, 1 - wide */
unsigned int max_width:1;
unsigned int iu:1; /* Information Units enabled */
unsigned int max_iu:1;
unsigned int dt:1; /* DT clocking enabled */
unsigned int qas:1; /* Quick Arbitration and Selection enabled */
unsigned int max_qas:1;
unsigned int wr_flow:1; /* Write Flow control enabled */
unsigned int rd_strm:1; /* Read streaming enabled */
unsigned int rti:1; /* Retain Training Information */
unsigned int pcomp_en:1;/* Precompensation enabled */
unsigned int hold_mcs:1;/* Hold Margin Control Settings */
unsigned int initial_dv:1; /* DV done to this target yet */
unsigned long flags; /* flags field for drivers to use */
/* Device Properties fields */
unsigned int support_sync:1; /* synchronous support */
unsigned int support_wide:1; /* wide support */
unsigned int support_dt:1; /* allows DT phases */
unsigned int support_dt_only; /* disallows ST phases */
unsigned int support_ius; /* support Information Units */
unsigned int support_qas; /* supports quick arbitration and selection */
/* Private Fields */
unsigned int dv_pending:1; /* Internal flag: DV Requested */
unsigned int dv_in_progress:1; /* Internal: DV started */
struct mutex dv_mutex; /* semaphore to serialise dv */
enum spi_signal_type {
struct spi_host_attrs {
enum spi_signal_type signalling;
/* accessor functions */
#define spi_period(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->period)
#define spi_min_period(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->min_period)
#define spi_offset(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->offset)
#define spi_max_offset(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->max_offset)
#define spi_width(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->width)
#define spi_max_width(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->max_width)
#define spi_iu(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->iu)
#define spi_max_iu(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->max_iu)
#define spi_dt(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->dt)
#define spi_qas(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->qas)
#define spi_max_qas(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->max_qas)
#define spi_wr_flow(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->wr_flow)
#define spi_rd_strm(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->rd_strm)
#define spi_rti(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->rti)
#define spi_pcomp_en(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->pcomp_en)
#define spi_hold_mcs(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->hold_mcs)
#define spi_initial_dv(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->initial_dv)
#define spi_dv_pending(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->dv_pending)
#define spi_support_sync(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->support_sync)
#define spi_support_wide(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->support_wide)
#define spi_support_dt(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->support_dt)
#define spi_support_dt_only(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->support_dt_only)
#define spi_support_ius(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->support_ius)
#define spi_support_qas(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->support_qas)
#define spi_flags(x) (((struct spi_transport_attrs *)&(x)->starget_data)->flags)
#define spi_signalling(h) (((struct spi_host_attrs *)(h)->shost_data)->signalling)
/* The functions by which the transport class and the driver communicate */
struct spi_function_template {
void (*get_period)(struct scsi_target *);
void (*set_period)(struct scsi_target *, int);
void (*get_offset)(struct scsi_target *);
void (*set_offset)(struct scsi_target *, int);
void (*get_width)(struct scsi_target *);
void (*set_width)(struct scsi_target *, int);
void (*get_iu)(struct scsi_target *);
void (*set_iu)(struct scsi_target *, int);
void (*get_dt)(struct scsi_target *);
void (*set_dt)(struct scsi_target *, int);
void (*get_qas)(struct scsi_target *);
void (*set_qas)(struct scsi_target *, int);
void (*get_wr_flow)(struct scsi_target *);
void (*set_wr_flow)(struct scsi_target *, int);
void (*get_rd_strm)(struct scsi_target *);
void (*set_rd_strm)(struct scsi_target *, int);
void (*get_rti)(struct scsi_target *);
void (*set_rti)(struct scsi_target *, int);
void (*get_pcomp_en)(struct scsi_target *);
void (*set_pcomp_en)(struct scsi_target *, int);
void (*get_hold_mcs)(struct scsi_target *);
void (*set_hold_mcs)(struct scsi_target *, int);
void (*get_signalling)(struct Scsi_Host *);
void (*set_signalling)(struct Scsi_Host *, enum spi_signal_type);
int (*deny_binding)(struct scsi_target *);
/* The driver sets these to tell the transport class it
* wants the attributes displayed in sysfs. If the show_ flag
* is not set, the attribute will be private to the transport
* class */
unsigned long show_period:1;
unsigned long show_offset:1;
unsigned long show_width:1;
unsigned long show_iu:1;
unsigned long show_dt:1;
unsigned long show_qas:1;
unsigned long show_wr_flow:1;
unsigned long show_rd_strm:1;
unsigned long show_rti:1;
unsigned long show_pcomp_en:1;
unsigned long show_hold_mcs:1;
struct scsi_transport_template *spi_attach_transport(struct spi_function_template *);
void spi_release_transport(struct scsi_transport_template *);
void spi_schedule_dv_device(struct scsi_device *);
void spi_dv_device(struct scsi_device *);
void spi_display_xfer_agreement(struct scsi_target *);
int spi_print_msg(const unsigned char *);
int spi_populate_width_msg(unsigned char *msg, int width);
int spi_populate_sync_msg(unsigned char *msg, int period, int offset);
int spi_populate_ppr_msg(unsigned char *msg, int period, int offset, int width,
int options);
int spi_populate_tag_msg(unsigned char *msg, struct scsi_cmnd *cmd);