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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef _VME_H_
#define _VME_H_
/* Resource Type */
enum vme_resource_type {
/* VME Address Spaces */
#define VME_A16 0x1
#define VME_A24 0x2
#define VME_A32 0x4
#define VME_A64 0x8
#define VME_CRCSR 0x10
#define VME_USER1 0x20
#define VME_USER2 0x40
#define VME_USER3 0x80
#define VME_USER4 0x100
#define VME_A16_MAX 0x10000ULL
#define VME_A24_MAX 0x1000000ULL
#define VME_A32_MAX 0x100000000ULL
#define VME_A64_MAX 0x10000000000000000ULL
#define VME_CRCSR_MAX 0x1000000ULL
/* VME Cycle Types */
#define VME_SCT 0x1
#define VME_BLT 0x2
#define VME_MBLT 0x4
#define VME_2eVME 0x8
#define VME_2eSST 0x10
#define VME_2eSSTB 0x20
#define VME_2eSST160 0x100
#define VME_2eSST267 0x200
#define VME_2eSST320 0x400
#define VME_SUPER 0x1000
#define VME_USER 0x2000
#define VME_PROG 0x4000
#define VME_DATA 0x8000
/* VME Data Widths */
#define VME_D8 0x1
#define VME_D16 0x2
#define VME_D32 0x4
#define VME_D64 0x8
/* Arbitration Scheduling Modes */
#define VME_R_ROBIN_MODE 0x1
#define VME_DMA_PATTERN (1<<0)
#define VME_DMA_PCI (1<<1)
#define VME_DMA_VME (1<<2)
#define VME_DMA_PATTERN_BYTE (1<<0)
#define VME_DMA_PATTERN_WORD (1<<1)
#define VME_DMA_VME_TO_MEM (1<<0)
#define VME_DMA_MEM_TO_VME (1<<1)
#define VME_DMA_VME_TO_VME (1<<2)
#define VME_DMA_MEM_TO_MEM (1<<3)
#define VME_DMA_PATTERN_TO_VME (1<<4)
#define VME_DMA_PATTERN_TO_MEM (1<<5)
struct vme_dma_attr {
u32 type;
void *private;
struct vme_resource {
enum vme_resource_type type;
struct list_head *entry;
extern struct bus_type vme_bus_type;
/* Number of VME interrupt vectors */
#define VME_NUM_STATUSID 256
/* VME_MAX_BRIDGES comes from the type of vme_bus_numbers */
#define VME_MAX_BRIDGES (sizeof(unsigned int)*8)
#define VME_MAX_SLOTS 32
#define VME_SLOT_ALL -2
* struct vme_dev - Structure representing a VME device
* @num: The device number
* @bridge: Pointer to the bridge device this device is on
* @dev: Internal device structure
* @drv_list: List of devices (per driver)
* @bridge_list: List of devices (per bridge)
struct vme_dev {
int num;
struct vme_bridge *bridge;
struct device dev;
struct list_head drv_list;
struct list_head bridge_list;
* struct vme_driver - Structure representing a VME driver
* @name: Driver name, should be unique among VME drivers and usually the same
* as the module name.
* @match: Callback used to determine whether probe should be run.
* @probe: Callback for device binding, called when new device is detected.
* @remove: Callback, called on device removal.
* @driver: Underlying generic device driver structure.
* @devices: List of VME devices (struct vme_dev) associated with this driver.
struct vme_driver {
const char *name;
int (*match)(struct vme_dev *);
int (*probe)(struct vme_dev *);
int (*remove)(struct vme_dev *);
struct device_driver driver;
struct list_head devices;
void *vme_alloc_consistent(struct vme_resource *, size_t, dma_addr_t *);
void vme_free_consistent(struct vme_resource *, size_t, void *,
size_t vme_get_size(struct vme_resource *);
int vme_check_window(u32 aspace, unsigned long long vme_base,
unsigned long long size);
struct vme_resource *vme_slave_request(struct vme_dev *, u32, u32);
int vme_slave_set(struct vme_resource *, int, unsigned long long,
unsigned long long, dma_addr_t, u32, u32);
int vme_slave_get(struct vme_resource *, int *, unsigned long long *,
unsigned long long *, dma_addr_t *, u32 *, u32 *);
void vme_slave_free(struct vme_resource *);
struct vme_resource *vme_master_request(struct vme_dev *, u32, u32, u32);
int vme_master_set(struct vme_resource *, int, unsigned long long,
unsigned long long, u32, u32, u32);
int vme_master_get(struct vme_resource *, int *, unsigned long long *,
unsigned long long *, u32 *, u32 *, u32 *);
ssize_t vme_master_read(struct vme_resource *, void *, size_t, loff_t);
ssize_t vme_master_write(struct vme_resource *, void *, size_t, loff_t);
unsigned int vme_master_rmw(struct vme_resource *, unsigned int, unsigned int,
unsigned int, loff_t);
int vme_master_mmap(struct vme_resource *resource, struct vm_area_struct *vma);
void vme_master_free(struct vme_resource *);
struct vme_resource *vme_dma_request(struct vme_dev *, u32);
struct vme_dma_list *vme_new_dma_list(struct vme_resource *);
struct vme_dma_attr *vme_dma_pattern_attribute(u32, u32);
struct vme_dma_attr *vme_dma_pci_attribute(dma_addr_t);
struct vme_dma_attr *vme_dma_vme_attribute(unsigned long long, u32, u32, u32);
void vme_dma_free_attribute(struct vme_dma_attr *);
int vme_dma_list_add(struct vme_dma_list *, struct vme_dma_attr *,
struct vme_dma_attr *, size_t);
int vme_dma_list_exec(struct vme_dma_list *);
int vme_dma_list_free(struct vme_dma_list *);
int vme_dma_free(struct vme_resource *);
int vme_irq_request(struct vme_dev *, int, int,
void (*callback)(int, int, void *), void *);
void vme_irq_free(struct vme_dev *, int, int);
int vme_irq_generate(struct vme_dev *, int, int);
struct vme_resource *vme_lm_request(struct vme_dev *);
int vme_lm_count(struct vme_resource *);
int vme_lm_set(struct vme_resource *, unsigned long long, u32, u32);
int vme_lm_get(struct vme_resource *, unsigned long long *, u32 *, u32 *);
int vme_lm_attach(struct vme_resource *, int, void (*callback)(void *), void *);
int vme_lm_detach(struct vme_resource *, int);
void vme_lm_free(struct vme_resource *);
int vme_slot_num(struct vme_dev *);
int vme_bus_num(struct vme_dev *);
int vme_register_driver(struct vme_driver *, unsigned int);
void vme_unregister_driver(struct vme_driver *);
#endif /* _VME_H_ */