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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0 OR CDDL-1.0) */
/* Copyright (C) 2006-2016 Oracle Corporation */
#ifndef __VBOX_UTILS_H__
#define __VBOX_UTILS_H__
#include <linux/printk.h>
#include <linux/vbox_vmmdev_types.h>
struct vbg_dev;
* vboxguest logging functions, these log both to the backdoor and call
* the equivalent kernel pr_foo function.
__printf(1, 2) void vbg_info(const char *fmt, ...);
__printf(1, 2) void vbg_warn(const char *fmt, ...);
__printf(1, 2) void vbg_err(const char *fmt, ...);
/* Only use backdoor logging for non-dynamic debug builds */
#if defined(DEBUG) && !defined(CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG)
__printf(1, 2) void vbg_debug(const char *fmt, ...);
#define vbg_debug pr_debug
int vbg_hgcm_connect(struct vbg_dev *gdev,
struct vmmdev_hgcm_service_location *loc,
u32 *client_id, int *vbox_status);
int vbg_hgcm_disconnect(struct vbg_dev *gdev, u32 client_id, int *vbox_status);
int vbg_hgcm_call(struct vbg_dev *gdev, u32 client_id, u32 function,
u32 timeout_ms, struct vmmdev_hgcm_function_parameter *parms,
u32 parm_count, int *vbox_status);
* Convert a VirtualBox status code to a standard Linux kernel return value.
* Return: 0 or negative errno value.
* @rc: VirtualBox status code to convert.
int vbg_status_code_to_errno(int rc);
* Helper for the vboxsf driver to get a reference to the guest device.
* Return: a pointer to the gdev; or a ERR_PTR value on error.
struct vbg_dev *vbg_get_gdev(void);
* Helper for the vboxsf driver to put a guest device reference.
* @gdev: Reference returned by vbg_get_gdev to put.
void vbg_put_gdev(struct vbg_dev *gdev);