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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#include <linux/reciprocal_div.h>
* Definitions unique to the original Linux SLAB allocator.
struct kmem_cache {
struct array_cache __percpu *cpu_cache;
/* 1) Cache tunables. Protected by slab_mutex */
unsigned int batchcount;
unsigned int limit;
unsigned int shared;
unsigned int size;
struct reciprocal_value reciprocal_buffer_size;
/* 2) touched by every alloc & free from the backend */
slab_flags_t flags; /* constant flags */
unsigned int num; /* # of objs per slab */
/* 3) cache_grow/shrink */
/* order of pgs per slab (2^n) */
unsigned int gfporder;
/* force GFP flags, e.g. GFP_DMA */
gfp_t allocflags;
size_t colour; /* cache colouring range */
unsigned int colour_off; /* colour offset */
struct kmem_cache *freelist_cache;
unsigned int freelist_size;
/* constructor func */
void (*ctor)(void *obj);
/* 4) cache creation/removal */
const char *name;
struct list_head list;
int refcount;
int object_size;
int align;
/* 5) statistics */
unsigned long num_active;
unsigned long num_allocations;
unsigned long high_mark;
unsigned long grown;
unsigned long reaped;
unsigned long errors;
unsigned long max_freeable;
unsigned long node_allocs;
unsigned long node_frees;
unsigned long node_overflow;
atomic_t allochit;
atomic_t allocmiss;
atomic_t freehit;
atomic_t freemiss;
atomic_t store_user_clean;
* If debugging is enabled, then the allocator can add additional
* fields and/or padding to every object. 'size' contains the total
* object size including these internal fields, while 'obj_offset'
* and 'object_size' contain the offset to the user object and its
* size.
int obj_offset;
#endif /* CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB */
struct memcg_cache_params memcg_params;
struct kasan_cache kasan_info;
unsigned int *random_seq;
unsigned int useroffset; /* Usercopy region offset */
unsigned int usersize; /* Usercopy region size */
struct kmem_cache_node *node[MAX_NUMNODES];
static inline void *nearest_obj(struct kmem_cache *cache, struct page *page,
void *x)
void *object = x - (x - page->s_mem) % cache->size;
void *last_object = page->s_mem + (cache->num - 1) * cache->size;
if (unlikely(object > last_object))
return last_object;
return object;
#endif /* _LINUX_SLAB_DEF_H */