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* Copyright (C) 2014 Red Hat Inc.
* Author: Vivek Goyal <>
* This source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License,
* Version 2. See the file COPYING for more details.
#ifndef SHA256_H
#define SHA256_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <crypto/sha.h>
* Stand-alone implementation of the SHA256 algorithm. It is designed to
* have as little dependencies as possible so it can be used in the
* kexec_file purgatory. In other cases you should use the implementation in
* crypto/.
* For details see lib/sha256.c
extern int sha256_init(struct sha256_state *sctx);
extern int sha256_update(struct sha256_state *sctx, const u8 *input,
unsigned int length);
extern int sha256_final(struct sha256_state *sctx, u8 *hash);
#endif /* SHA256_H */