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* Header for the new SH dmaengine driver
* Copyright (C) 2010 Guennadi Liakhovetski <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#ifndef SH_DMA_H
#define SH_DMA_H
#include <linux/dmaengine.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/shdma-base.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
struct device;
/* Used by slave DMA clients to request DMA to/from a specific peripheral */
struct sh_dmae_slave {
struct shdma_slave shdma_slave; /* Set by the platform */
* Supplied by platforms to specify, how a DMA channel has to be configured for
* a certain peripheral
struct sh_dmae_slave_config {
int slave_id;
dma_addr_t addr;
u32 chcr;
char mid_rid;
* struct sh_dmae_channel - DMAC channel platform data
* @offset: register offset within the main IOMEM resource
* @dmars: channel DMARS register offset
* @chclr_offset: channel CHCLR register offset
* @dmars_bit: channel DMARS field offset within the register
* @chclr_bit: bit position, to be set to reset the channel
struct sh_dmae_channel {
unsigned int offset;
unsigned int dmars;
unsigned int chclr_offset;
unsigned char dmars_bit;
unsigned char chclr_bit;
* struct sh_dmae_pdata - DMAC platform data
* @slave: array of slaves
* @slave_num: number of slaves in the above array
* @channel: array of DMA channels
* @channel_num: number of channels in the above array
* @ts_low_shift: shift of the low part of the TS field
* @ts_low_mask: low TS field mask
* @ts_high_shift: additional shift of the high part of the TS field
* @ts_high_mask: high TS field mask
* @ts_shift: array of Transfer Size shifts, indexed by TS value
* @ts_shift_num: number of shifts in the above array
* @dmaor_init: DMAOR initialisation value
* @chcr_offset: CHCR address offset
* @chcr_ie_bit: CHCR Interrupt Enable bit
* @dmaor_is_32bit: DMAOR is a 32-bit register
* @needs_tend_set: the TEND register has to be set
* @no_dmars: DMAC has no DMARS registers
* @chclr_present: DMAC has one or several CHCLR registers
* @chclr_bitwise: channel CHCLR registers are bitwise
* @slave_only: DMAC cannot be used for MEMCPY
struct sh_dmae_pdata {
const struct sh_dmae_slave_config *slave;
int slave_num;
const struct sh_dmae_channel *channel;
int channel_num;
unsigned int ts_low_shift;
unsigned int ts_low_mask;
unsigned int ts_high_shift;
unsigned int ts_high_mask;
const unsigned int *ts_shift;
int ts_shift_num;
u16 dmaor_init;
unsigned int chcr_offset;
u32 chcr_ie_bit;
unsigned int dmaor_is_32bit:1;
unsigned int needs_tend_set:1;
unsigned int no_dmars:1;
unsigned int chclr_present:1;
unsigned int chclr_bitwise:1;
unsigned int slave_only:1;
/* DMAOR definitions */
#define DMAOR_AE 0x00000004 /* Address Error Flag */
#define DMAOR_NMIF 0x00000002
#define DMAOR_DME 0x00000001 /* DMA Master Enable */
/* Definitions for the SuperH DMAC */
#define DM_INC 0x00004000 /* Destination addresses are incremented */
#define DM_DEC 0x00008000 /* Destination addresses are decremented */
#define DM_FIX 0x0000c000 /* Destination address is fixed */
#define SM_INC 0x00001000 /* Source addresses are incremented */
#define SM_DEC 0x00002000 /* Source addresses are decremented */
#define SM_FIX 0x00003000 /* Source address is fixed */
#define RS_AUTO 0x00000400 /* Auto Request */
#define RS_ERS 0x00000800 /* DMA extended resource selector */
#define CHCR_DE 0x00000001 /* DMA Enable */
#define CHCR_TE 0x00000002 /* Transfer End Flag */
#define CHCR_IE 0x00000004 /* Interrupt Enable */