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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef __mISDNdsp_H__
#define __mISDNdsp_H__
struct mISDN_dsp_element_arg {
char *name;
char *def;
char *desc;
struct mISDN_dsp_element {
char *name;
void *(*new)(const char *arg);
void (*free)(void *p);
void (*process_tx)(void *p, unsigned char *data, int len);
void (*process_rx)(void *p, unsigned char *data, int len,
unsigned int txlen);
int num_args;
struct mISDN_dsp_element_arg
extern int mISDN_dsp_element_register(struct mISDN_dsp_element *elem);
extern void mISDN_dsp_element_unregister(struct mISDN_dsp_element *elem);
struct dsp_features {
int hfc_id; /* unique id to identify the chip (or -1) */
int hfc_dtmf; /* set if HFCmulti card supports dtmf */
int hfc_conf; /* set if HFCmulti card supports conferences */
int hfc_loops; /* set if card supports tone loops */
int hfc_echocanhw; /* set if card supports echocancelation*/
int pcm_id; /* unique id to identify the pcm bus (or -1) */
int pcm_slots; /* number of slots on the pcm bus */
int pcm_banks; /* number of IO banks of pcm bus */
int unclocked; /* data is not clocked (has jitter/loss) */
int unordered; /* data is unordered (packets have index) */