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* DLCI/FRAD Definitions for Frame Relay Access Devices. DLCI devices are
* created for each DLCI associated with a FRAD. The FRAD driver
* is not truly a network device, but the lower level device
* handler. This allows other FRAD manufacturers to use the DLCI
* code, including its RFC1490 encapsulation alongside the current
* implementation for the Sangoma cards.
* Version: @(#)if_ifrad.h 0.15 31 Mar 96
* Author: Mike McLagan <>
* Changes:
* 0.15 Mike McLagan changed structure defs (packed)
* re-arranged flags
* added DLCI_RET vars
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
* 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
#ifndef _FRAD_H_
#define _FRAD_H_
#include <uapi/linux/if_frad.h>
#if defined(CONFIG_DLCI) || defined(CONFIG_DLCI_MODULE)
/* these are the fields of an RFC 1490 header */
struct frhdr
unsigned char control;
/* for IP packets, this can be the NLPID */
unsigned char pad;
unsigned char NLPID;
unsigned char OUI[3];
__be16 PID;
#define IP_NLPID pad
} __packed;
/* see RFC 1490 for the definition of the following */
#define FRAD_I_UI 0x03
#define FRAD_P_PADDING 0x00
#define FRAD_P_Q933 0x08
#define FRAD_P_SNAP 0x80
#define FRAD_P_CLNP 0x81
#define FRAD_P_IP 0xCC
struct dlci_local
struct net_device *master;
struct net_device *slave;
struct dlci_conf config;
int configured;
struct list_head list;
/* callback function */
void (*receive)(struct sk_buff *skb, struct net_device *);
struct frad_local
/* devices which this FRAD is slaved to */
struct net_device *master[CONFIG_DLCI_MAX];
short dlci[CONFIG_DLCI_MAX];
struct frad_conf config;
int configured; /* has this device been configured */
int initialized; /* mem_start, port, irq set ? */
/* callback functions */
int (*activate)(struct net_device *, struct net_device *);
int (*deactivate)(struct net_device *, struct net_device *);
int (*assoc)(struct net_device *, struct net_device *);
int (*deassoc)(struct net_device *, struct net_device *);
int (*dlci_conf)(struct net_device *, struct net_device *, int get);
/* fields that are used by the Sangoma SDLA cards */
struct timer_list timer;
struct net_device *dev;
int type; /* adapter type */
int state; /* state of the S502/8 control latch */
int buffer; /* current buffer for S508 firmware */
extern void dlci_ioctl_set(int (*hook)(unsigned int, void __user *));