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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* This file is separate from sdb.h, because I want that one to remain
* unchanged (as far as possible) from the official sdb distribution
* This file and associated functionality are a playground for me to
* understand stuff which will later be implemented in more generic places.
#include <linux/sdb.h>
/* This is the union of all currently defined types */
union sdb_record {
struct sdb_interconnect ic;
struct sdb_device dev;
struct sdb_bridge bridge;
struct sdb_integration integr;
struct sdb_empty empty;
struct sdb_synthesis synthesis;
struct sdb_repo_url repo_url;
struct fmc_device;
/* Every sdb table is turned into this structure */
struct sdb_array {
int len;
int level;
unsigned long baseaddr;
struct fmc_device *fmc; /* the device that hosts it */
struct sdb_array *parent; /* NULL at root */
union sdb_record *record; /* copies of the struct */
struct sdb_array **subtree; /* only valid for bridge items */
extern int fmc_scan_sdb_tree(struct fmc_device *fmc, unsigned long address);
extern void fmc_show_sdb_tree(const struct fmc_device *fmc);
extern signed long fmc_find_sdb_device(struct sdb_array *tree, uint64_t vendor,
uint32_t device, unsigned long *sz);
extern int fmc_free_sdb_tree(struct fmc_device *fmc);