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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Definitions for ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) support.
#ifndef __ADB_H
#define __ADB_H
#include <uapi/linux/adb.h>
struct adb_request {
unsigned char data[32];
int nbytes;
unsigned char reply[32];
int reply_len;
unsigned char reply_expected;
unsigned char sent;
unsigned char complete;
void (*done)(struct adb_request *);
void *arg;
struct adb_request *next;
struct adb_ids {
int nids;
unsigned char id[16];
/* Structure which encapsulates a low-level ADB driver */
struct adb_driver {
char name[16];
int (*probe)(void);
int (*init)(void);
int (*send_request)(struct adb_request *req, int sync);
int (*autopoll)(int devs);
void (*poll)(void);
int (*reset_bus)(void);
/* Values for adb_request flags */
#define ADBREQ_REPLY 1 /* expect reply */
#define ADBREQ_SYNC 2 /* poll until done */
#define ADBREQ_NOSEND 4 /* build the request, but don't send it */
/* Messages sent thru the client_list notifier. You should NOT stop
the operation, at least not with this version */
enum adb_message {
ADB_MSG_POWERDOWN, /* Currently called before sleep only */
ADB_MSG_PRE_RESET, /* Called before resetting the bus */
ADB_MSG_POST_RESET /* Called after resetting the bus (re-do init & register) */
extern struct blocking_notifier_head adb_client_list;
int adb_request(struct adb_request *req, void (*done)(struct adb_request *),
int flags, int nbytes, ...);
int adb_register(int default_id,int handler_id,struct adb_ids *ids,
void (*handler)(unsigned char *, int, int));
int adb_unregister(int index);
void adb_poll(void);
void adb_input(unsigned char *, int, int);
int adb_reset_bus(void);
int adb_try_handler_change(int address, int new_id);
int adb_get_infos(int address, int *original_address, int *handler_id);
#endif /* __ADB_H */