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.. -*- coding: utf-8; mode: rst -*-
.. c:function:: int ioctl( int fd, DMX_GET_STC, struct dmx_stc *stc)
:name: DMX_GET_STC
File descriptor returned by :c:func:`open() <dvb-dmx-open>`.
Pointer to :c:type:`dmx_stc` where the stc data is to be stored.
This ioctl call returns the current value of the system time counter
(which is driven by a PES filter of type :c:type:`DMX_PES_PCR <dmx_ts_pes>`).
Some hardware supports more than one STC, so you must specify which one by
setting the :c:type:`num <dmx_stc>` field of stc before the ioctl (range 0...n).
The result is returned in form of a ratio with a 64 bit numerator
and a 32 bit denominator, so the real 90kHz STC value is
``stc->stc / stc->base``.
Return Value
On success 0 is returned.
On error -1 is returned, and the ``errno`` variable is set
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- .. row 1
- ``EINVAL``
- Invalid stc number.
The generic error codes are described at the
:ref:`Generic Error Codes <gen-errors>` chapter.