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.. _configuregit:
Configure Git
This chapter describes maintainer level git configuration.
Tagged branches used in :ref:`Documentation/maintainer/pull-requests.rst
<pullrequests>` should be signed with the developers public GPG key. Signed
tags can be created by passing the ``-u`` flag to ``git tag``. However,
since you would *usually* use the same key for the same project, you can
set it once with
git config user.signingkey "keyname"
Alternatively, edit your ``.git/config`` or ``~/.gitconfig`` file by hand:
name = Jane Developer
email =
signingkey =
You may need to tell ``git`` to use ``gpg2``
program = /path/to/gpg2
You may also like to tell ``gpg`` which ``tty`` to use (add to your shell rc file)
export GPG_TTY=$(tty)