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Kernel driver mlxreg-fan
Provides FAN control for the next Mellanox systems:
QMB700, equipped with 40x200GbE InfiniBand ports;
MSN3700, equipped with 32x200GbE or 16x400GbE Ethernet ports;
MSN3410, equipped with 6x400GbE plus 48x50GbE Ethernet ports;
MSN3800, equipped with 64x1000GbE Ethernet ports;
These are the Top of the Rack systems, equipped with Mellanox switch
board with Mellanox Quantum or Spectrume-2 devices.
FAN controller is implemented by the programmable device logic.
The default registers offsets set within the programmable device is as
- pwm1 0xe3
- fan1 (tacho1) 0xe4
- fan2 (tacho2) 0xe5
- fan3 (tacho3) 0xe6
- fan4 (tacho4) 0xe7
- fan5 (tacho5) 0xe8
- fan6 (tacho6) 0xe9
- fan7 (tacho7) 0xea
- fan8 (tacho8) 0xeb
- fan9 (tacho9) 0xec
- fan10 (tacho10) 0xed
- fan11 (tacho11) 0xee
- fan12 (tacho12) 0xef
This setup can be re-programmed with other registers.
Author: Vadim Pasternak <>
The driver implements a simple interface for driving a fan connected to
a PWM output and tachometer inputs.
This driver obtains PWM and tachometers registers location according to
the system configuration and creates FAN/PWM hwmon objects and a cooling
device. PWM and tachometers are sensed through the on-board programmable
device, which exports its register map. This device could be attached to
any bus type, for which register mapping is supported.
Single instance is created with one PWM control, up to 12 tachometers and
one cooling device. It could be as many instances as programmable device
The driver exposes the fan to the user space through the hwmon's and
thermal's sysfs interfaces.
/sys files in hwmon subsystem
fan[1-12]_fault - RO files for tachometers TACH1-TACH12 fault indication
fan[1-12]_input - RO files for tachometers TACH1-TACH12 input (in RPM)
pwm1 - RW file for fan[1-12] target duty cycle (0..255)
/sys files in thermal subsystem
cur_state - RW file for current cooling state of the cooling device
max_state - RO file for maximum cooling state of the cooling device