Add LKML Prow Component

Adds component to run lkml controller. Uses service environment variable
to determine cluster ip of git server for creating ProwJobs that may
clone from this component. Starts smtp server and lkml controller, using
the messageQueue to pipe received emails to the controller.

Deployment must expose port 25 for external
traffic using Kubernetes LoadBalancer Service, and exposing port 8080
for internal traffic using Kubernetes ClusterIP Service.

Stock Deployment configuration in another CL.

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Signed-off-by: Avi Kondareddy <>
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Prow LKML email server for KUnit

TODO( add a better description.

KUnit is an in-tree unit testing framework for the Linux kernel. In the Linux kernel community, mailing lists are commonly used to propose and discuss patches. In order to foster the utilization of KUnit, we are making a presubmit server for patches on linux kernel mailing lists. Given that we currently have a prowjob image for running KUnit against gerrit repos, Prow is the logical choice for expanding this functionality for the mailing lists. This project will add the ability to trigger presubmit for Linux Kernel Mailing List patches on Prow using KUnit and report back to the mailing lists.