Forwardport of kunit/release/4.18/0.6


New features:
 - Fixed kernel hanging on last test: b/109743741
 - Added some new EXPECT_CALL expectation helpers
 - Now prints out test log in event of timeout: b/116318265
 - Added kunit_tool command to create test boilerplate: b/117125357
 - Print function expectation on EXPECT_CALL failure: b/113269240

 - None!

Additional Notes:
 - None

Google-Bug-Id: 118396297
kunit: print the mock function and input parameters in the failure
message of EXPECT_CALL.

To store the mock function and its input, we add a new field to
the mock_expectation. The change in include/test/mock.h is brought
from Google-Bug-Id(113269240#4, by Daniel Latypov).

Google-Bug-Id: 113269240
Signed-off-by: Lin Xinan <linxinan@google.com>
Change-Id: Ia4aaa0c1c4125c7c3205c15eeaa9c6000063642f
2 files changed