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# KUnit base configuration
menu "KUnit support"
config KUNIT
bool "Enable support for unit tests (KUnit)"
Enables support for kernel unit tests (KUnit), a lightweight unit
testing and mocking framework for the Linux kernel. These tests are
able to be run locally on a developer's workstation without a VM or
special hardware when using UML. Can also be used on most other
architectures. For more information, please see Documentation/kunit/.
bool "KUnit test for KUnit"
depends on KUNIT
Enables the unit tests for the KUnit test framework. These tests test
the KUnit test framework itself; the tests are both written using
KUnit and test KUnit. This option should only be enabled for testing
purposes by developers interested in testing that KUnit works as
bool "Example test for KUnit"
depends on KUNIT
Enables an example unit test that illustrates some of the basic
features of KUnit. This test only exists to help new users understand
what KUnit is and how it is used. Please refer to the example test
itself, kunit/example-test.c, for more information. This option is
intended for curious hackers who would like to understand how to use
KUnit for kernel development.