kunit: alpha: transition: make kunit_test_suites() take pointers

TL;DR make this work

In commit 86ff26500ecb ("kunit: add kunit/Kconfig and <kunit/test.h> to
ease upgrade from alpha"), we added a #define of kunit_test_suites to

This isn't quite correct since kunit_test_suites() takes its args by

And given how the module_test() macro is written, we can't reuse it.
So rewrite a version of module_test() that uses __COUNTER__ to generate
unique variable names instead of pasting the suite's var name.

Also add a line
  #define kunit_test_suite module_test
since kunit_test_suite() is sadly still around upstream and has the same
semantics as module_test*

It's defined as
  #define kunit_test_suite(suite)	kunit_test_suites(&suite)

Change-Id: Ia661924b25ad0f86f0b8c8712780f58db837774b
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