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- sparse fixes
- rename files to be not so "generic"
- add proper arch dependencies as needed
- audit userspace interfaces to make sure they are sane
- Add dt-bindings for remaining heaps (chunk and carveout heaps). This would
involve putting appropriate bindings in a memory node for Ion to find.
- Split /dev/ion up into multiple nodes (e.g. /dev/ion/heap0)
- Better test framework (integration with VGEM was suggested)
vsoc.c, uapi/vsoc_shm.h
- The current driver uses the same wait queue for all of the futexes in a
region. This will cause false wakeups in regions with a large number of
waiting threads. We should eventually use multiple queues and select the
queue based on the region.
- Add debugfs support for examining the permissions of regions.
- Remove VSOC_WAIT_FOR_INCOMING_INTERRUPT ioctl. This functionality has been
superseded by the futex and is there for legacy reasons.
Please send patches to Greg Kroah-Hartman <> and Cc:
Arve Hjønnevåg <> and Riley Andrews <>